Transportation Industry

Resilient products for all modes of Transportation.

We supply into all areas of the transportation industry including rail, aviation, shipping, logistics, the emergency services and the niche automotive (link) industry.

Contemporary projects using our polyurethane foam and rubber moulding products include gate paddles for ticket machines in railway stations, undergrounds and airports, footrests, table bumpstops and other cabin-based aesthetic products on commercial aircraft.  Many of these products, due to the strict requirements for public transport passenger vehicles, have to be flame retardant and produced to an organisation’s strict specification.  We work with both our customers and raw material suppliers to ensure the final product meets both safety regulations and the aesthetic and comfort requirements that such a product needs.

We supply diaphragms, washers, shock absorbers, gaskets and bonded products into fire engines, and have worked to develop products for each range and variant on these machines.

Moulded bushes, seals, joint rings, rubber strip, rotary shaft seals, skirt gaskets, extrusions and other mechanical components are supplied in the rail industry from engine manufacture and maintenance, through to freight applications and carriage seals.

Image-Style-winstonChurchillAn example of our bespoke supply into the niche end of this market occurred back in 1965 when we moulded tyres for the gun carriage that carried Winston Churchill’s coffin to his funeral after his death (link).

Customers involved in restoration projects, and likewise the armed forces, who can no longer source parts from the original manufacturers through obsolescence, often come to us to have bespoke replica parts made.  This can be done either through a sample of the old part, which we will test and find an alternative material for, or through a drawing if available, or even reverse engineering through a study of the application.  Some of our vintage customers include The Shuttleworth Collection, who purchase a range of seals and o-rings from us, tyres for horse-drawn carriages for G.J. Garner and Son Wheelwrights, and saddles for vintage motorcycles forJohn Budgen Motorcycles.

A further specialisation is in Forklift Trucks; our seal machining and kitting facilities offer spares or OEM parts for all the hydraulic systems on these machines, and we also manufacture Hub seals and similar components, as well as supplying cab matting, rubber window extrusions and resilient mounts. We have also undertake bespoke work for forklift accessory manufacturers, such as lining paper roll handling clamps with rubber to reduce product damage.

See our specific information on products for the Transportation sector below, and follow the link for the general range of products we supply into various industrial sectors.

Products for the Transport Industry include
  • Transit Gate Paddles
  • London Underground extrusion
  • Aircraft Seat Footrests
  • Aircraft Seat Armrests
  • Aircraft Seat Meal Trays
  • Train Seat Number Holders
  • Train Carriage Door Seals
  • Train Carriage Window Seals
  • Slam Door rolling stock Seals
  • Trackside equipment seals and grommets
  • Cabinet Seals
  • Test Equipment Boots
  • Insulating rubber hand guards
  • Piston Diaphragms
  • Ffestiniog Railway remanufactured parts
  • Gypsy Moth Engine mounts
  • Motorcycle Rubber Saddles
  • Anti Vibration Mounts
  • Resilient Mounts
  • Carriage Rubber Tyres
  • Walkway side fender
  • Suspended Ceiling Joint extrusion
  • Tunnel Cladding Joint extrusion
  • Hub Seals
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Pneumatic Seals
  • Forklift Handling Pads
  • Seal Kits
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants

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