Vintage Pram Wheels remanufactured

Recently Martin’s were asked to manufacture a bespoke set of tyres for a vintage Pram that the owner was restoring. The original white rubber solid tyres had been compression moulded in high volumes back in the days when this was the standard method of producing such items, long before modern injection moulded Buggy wheels became the norm. Whilst Martin’s naturally has the facilities to produce a new mould and compound to exactly replicate the original item, this was, understandably, outside the budget available to restore just one Pram. Therefore, the leading edge option of CNC machining a set of tyres from solid rubber billet was suggested to the customer, which provided a method of refurbishing the pram at hundreds, rather than thousands, of pounds for a made-to-measure solution. Our machining team like a challenge, and this was certainly one of the more unusual ones, however within a few days the owner of the Pram was back to collect her wheels, complete with refitted, perfectly machined tyres, which will certainly outlast the original items.

Author: Adam Hooper

Date 2 Aug 2011

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