Matting Products

We have a range of rubber sheeting products, including floor matting, for industrial and commercial use.

We offer a variety of floor mats, from fine fluted grades of light-weight flooring through to BSEN61111:2009 electrical matting, and allied thermoplastic matting grades (where different cosmetic finishes can be supplied). Our mats are used in applications such as entrance ways, catering hygiene, sports impact, anti-fatigue, anti-slip, leisure, animal husbandry and sales promotion. With a wide range available from stock, we can provide part or full rolls of matting, or can cut it to size on your behalf. Our mats are used in industrial situations to prevent fatigue, wear and slippage, and are also suitable for retail and leisure environments where thoroughfares are seeing a heavy traffic from the public.

There are a standard range of mats available for use in different situations, and if you speak to one of our sales team about the application and the type of product you are looking for, we will be able to help guide you and offer a price.

rubber_matting2We supply matting in many of the common polymers, carefully selected to confer relevant properties such as high wear, high temperature or weather resistance, and with a range of surface finishes.

Please follow the links to access details on our rubber matting expertise, detailed technical specifications, and more detail on the various processes / techniques available for the production of rubber matting.

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