Specialist Foam Products

Our polyurethane foam moulding facility offers a range of mouldings manufactured on dedicated low-pressure equipment.

We supply a vast range of bespoke products to the leisure, sports and medical sectors. The prime advantages of polyurethane foam are its unrivalled cosmetic and tactile properties, which make it so suitable for impact and cushioning applications. And because in-mould colours and textures are reliably duplicated, the finished product has a consistently high quality of appearance. We regularly manufacture products such as head rests, handles, seat cushions, foot rests and rigid enclosures. A major advantage of moulded polyurethane foam lies in its ability to be prototyped from low-cost tooling (in comparison with rubber or thermoplastic materials). These tools are usually made from rapidly machined aluminium, but cast aluminium or cast epoxy resin can also be used satisfactorily.

We also offer solid polyurethane rubber castings and bondings, which are typically used for hardwearing applications or very large components, where conventional vulcanisation techniques are not possible. These facilities allow us to give our customers the unique benefits of this exciting range of materials.

Our CNC machining facility has developed expertise in manufacturing parts in high-strength microcellular polyurethane foam, specifically for those applications where traditional moulded foam rubber does not have sufficient physical strength, such as suspension bump rubbers, pneumatic hammer pads, etc.

With production facilities enabling the manufacture of parts from a few cubic millimetres up to a cubic metre, we maintain sufficient capacity and expertise to offer very short lead times where the customer requires exceptional service. Meanwhile, our planning systems ensure we maintain a consistent workflow to deliver high levels of Delivery Schedule Achievement across our vast range of products and customers.

This flexibility and control is made possible by our in-house facilities for preparation, tooling, finishing and packing, all of which contribute to the exceptional service that we provide. We have in-house facilities for substrate preparation prior to bonding processes. Our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house using industry-leading CAD/CAM packages. And all trimming and finishing operations are carried out on site, to ensure the highest quality levels, supplemented with cryogenic deflashing and other automated techniques.

PolyurethaneFoamMoulding_IntegralSkin1We mould in all common polyurethane foam systems – including cold cure, integral skin and rigid – in a range of materials, from very soft to rigid, and with specialist grades to confer properties such as flame retardency, high wear or anti microbial. There are very few applications that cannot be fulfilled with our range of moulded polyurethane foam. Our technical staff are always available to discuss any challenges faced by our customers, and our long experience as rubber manufacturers and the range of our facilities mean we are ideally placed to solve most problems.

Please follow the links to access details on our polyurethane moulding expertise, detailed technical specifications, and more detail on the various process / techniques available for the production of industrial rubber products.

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