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Rubber Shims

Often, a solid rubber shim can be a tiny piece of material that is the answer to a big machinery problem. One small gap can result in various machinery complications, which can often be repaired by the simple application of a hard rubber shim.

What is a rubber shim?Rubber shims

A rubber shim is a piece of rubber that is placed in between objects to fill any small gaps and spaces. The main role of a rubber shim is to fill any unnecessary or problematic gaps in various types of machinery. Solid rubber shims can often improve the effectiveness of a mechanism as it is the object that is put in between two parts to prevent direct contact between the two parts concerned.

Therefore, by using a custom rubber shim, you will notice slower movement of the parts, which makes the level of impact less harsh and, most importantly, reduces the overall level of damage to any of the parts involved.


What are rubber shims used for?

For some, a rubber shim might be used to improve a process, and others may require a rubber shim for a particular process to work at all. There are several advantages of fitting rubber shims to machinery, including

  • Parts fit together better
  • Provide a level surface
  • Increase the support of parts
  • Prevention of wear and erosion
  • Improve the quality and speed of the process
  • Longer lifespan of machinery
  • Saves you from repeatedly replacing components
  • Can withstand a wide range of temperatures
  • Financial benefits, as you may be able to fit rubber shims instead of buying new parts

What shim materials are available?

Our bespoke rubber shims are available in a variety of high grade rubber sheeting materials, ranging from high specification synthetic rubbers, through to traditional rubbers. We also have plastic options available for shims.

Our wide range of shim materials include:

  • Nitrile shims
  • Neoprene shims
  • Natural food grade shims
  • Viton shims
  • Silicone shims
  • Insertion shims
  • Cork shims
  • Commercial shims
  • EPDM shims
  • PTFE shims
  • PEEK shims

View our extensive guide for more information on our range of rubber materials.

If you have any questions about our rubber shim stock, please do not hesitate to call us on 023 8022 6330. Alternatively, you can email us for any further assistance.

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