Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

We are a leading manufacturer, stockist and supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, with in-house production facilities using CAD/CAM processes.


In addition to custom moulded rubber seals, we have been supplying standard hydraulic and pneumatic seals for over 20 years across all standard profiles and materials, including polyurethane (H-PU), Nitrile (NBR), Viton®, Silicone, PTFE, Acetal (POM or Delrin), Aflas® and EPDM. We also manufacture customised seals, and offer an ‘express’ service whereby we will turn a seal around within a very short lead time for those customers where machine or plant down-time is critical. We supply metal cased wiper seals and pneumatic piston seals, as well as a range of NOK® Japanese sized seals, along with anti extrusion or back up rings for high pressure applications. We stock all the common standard rubber O rings, both Imperial sizes to British Standard BS 1806, and Metric sizes to British Standard BS 4518, in nitrile (NBR), silicone, EPDM  and Viton®, and have the facilities to supply non-standard materials such as HNBR and Fluorosilicone.

We have been supplying into the construction plant and equipment market for many years through our M.R. Quality Parts brand, creating hydraulic seal kits for popular construction plant machinery. Similarly, we can offer pre-packaged sealing kits for repair or routine maintenance to customer specifications including dedicated branding as a consumable item or for spares, using this in-house kitting service.

Hydraulic Hammer cut away section showing the seals

Hydraulic Hammer cut away view showing the layout of the various hydraulic seals

Our production, stockholding and kitting facilities enable the supply of either bespoke or standard hydraulic and pneumatic sealing components.  Our seal stocking and machining complements the traditional moulded, extruded or punched products that we also manufacture for sealing applications. This unique combination of processes, all carried out in-house, enables us to offer a wide range of sealing solution products that are rapidly available, cost effective and of high quality.

We produce hydraulic seals in all the common polymers and engineering plastics, in a range of materials from very soft to rigid, and with specialist grades which confer properties such as high wear, high temperature or explosive decompression resistance. With options to machine, extrude, cut or mould a seal, there are very few applications that cannot be fulfilled with our range of sealing products. Our team are available to discuss your requirements – please call.

For more detail on our seal manufacturing expertise, technical specifications, and further information on the various process / techniques available for the production of seals, please access these links.