Sheet Products

We supply rubber and other materials, often used for gasketing, either in their sheet form or cut to your size requirements.

Rubber: We carry large stocks of rubber sheeting materials, from traditional solid natural rubber grades through to high specification synthetic rubbers such as Viton®and silicone. We supply diaphragm sheeting, insertion materials and shotblast/abrasion sheets. We offer standard commercial grades of rubber, used for basic industrial and domestic applications, as well as military specifications and other high performance materials manufactured to specifications such as BS1154, BS2751 and BS2752.  Sheet thicknesses can vary from special thin guage materials at 0.3mm through to 25mm thickness.

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Approved Rubber: There are materials which have been developed not only to a specification, but for specific industries or uses; we offer food grade and FDA rubber sheeting as well as materials which are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved.

MattinImage-Style-Sheet-Material-5g: Rubber sheets can be used for many applications, but there are a specific range of products which have been developed as flooring – as a safety feature, commercial or industrial.

Other materials: Thermosets such as polyurethane, thermoplastic materials such as PTFE, gasket materials such as non-asbestos, paper and cork, EMI and RMI sheeting.

With a wide range of materials available from stock, we can provide part or full rolls. We can also manufacture custom sizes or special materials for specific applications; depending on your requirements, we will punch, cut or fabricate a sheet material to supply as gaskets, strips, fabricated rubber gaskets, and with suitable adhesives for bonding to a variety of substrates when required.

Please follow the links to access details on our cutting and punching expertise, detailed technical specifications, and more detail on the various processes / techniques available for the production of rubber sheeting.

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