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Natural Rubber Sheet (NR)

Properties of Natural Rubber

Natural rubber sheet has excellent mechanical properties. The properties of natural rubber include very good abrasion and tear resistance and excellent elongation, tensile and tear strength. In these areas, natural rubber sheet is still generally considered to be superior to synthetic rubbers.
However, the weakness of natural rubber sheet lies in its weathering properties. This is because natural rubber sheet does not fare well with ozone and sunlight ageing and does not respond well to high temperatures; therefore natural rubber sheet would not be considered the ideal choice for outdoor applications.

What is Natural Rubber Sheet used for?

The high tear and tensile strength of natural rubber sheet, and natural rubber strip, makes it ideal for applications such as lining construction chutes, grit or shot blast rubber lined cabinets or as blade scrapers. In applications with a low shore hardness (45°), the natural rubber sheet material of choice is commonly known as shot blast rubber, also commonly known as Tan Para, Para-Natural or pure gum rubber. In its pure gum rubber form, the gum rubber is a tan colour, which is why shot blast rubber and pure natural rubber sheet products are tan in colour.

As established natural rubber sheet suppliers, we stock a standard range of natural rubber sheeting in our online store. Follow the link to view our complete range.

Black Natural Rubber Sheet

Black natural rubber sheet is one of the more commonly recognised natural rubber sheets. Black natural rubber sheet is such because carbon-black is added as a filler in order to create an increased natural rubber hardness and overall stronger material that can then be used for the production of products such as tyres and commercial sheeting.

Natural Rubber Grades and Natural Rubber Hardness

Natural rubber sheet is available as a straight commercial product, or with fabric insertion for extra strength. Commercial natural rubber sheet can be purchased from us in 50° and 65°, between 1mm and 25mm thick. We are able to offer a range of natural rubber grades and natural rubber sheets that can also be bought in a food grade option.

Natural rubber sheeting is also available to buy to a British Standard, BS1154:2003; this ensures the quality of the product in terms of the properties the finished material will have, and any material produced to meet this specification is tested against parameters laid out by the BSI (British Standards Institution). Natural rubber sheet to BS1154:2003 is available in an array of natural rubber hardnesses between 40° and 60°.

Find out more information about the range of grades, thicknesses and hardnesses of natural rubber sheet that is available to purchase, please view our rubber sheet guide in pdf format. For further information about the properties, uses and advantages of natural rubber sheet, follow the link.

Natural Rubber Sheet Material Specification Data Sheets

Download our spec sheets using the download buttons on the right-hand-side of the screen.