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Silicone Sheet (Q Sheet)

What is Silicone Rubber Sheet?Silicone Rubber Sheet

Silicone rubber sheet, or Q sheet, is a synthetic rubber material offering multiple advantages over other rubber materials. Our silicone rubber sheeting is commonly used in hygienic industry settings, as all of the silicone sheet options that we offer are manufactured to meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. It is for this reason that silicone sheeting is often popular in the catering or food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

View our complete range of standard silicone rubber sheeting products in our online store here.

Silicone Rubber Sheet Properties & Temperature Range

Silicone rubber sheeting offers an excellent temperature range and very good resistance to weathering, UV and sunlight ageing. One of the many extraordinary silicone rubber sheet properties is that it is extremely resilient and can uphold a lot of its properties at very high and low temperatures. In fact, some grades of silicone rubber sheeting are even known to stay flexible at temperatures between -100°C and 315°C. This makes silicone rubber sheeting the ideal material for applications with such extreme temperatures.

Another remarkable silicone rubber sheet property is that it can be compounded to provide a low level of resistance in order to conduct signal voltages. Other silicone rubber sheet properties include:

  • Good elongation at break
  • High tensile strength
  • High tear resistance

Silicone Sheet & Silicone Rolls Stock

If you’re looking for where to buy silicone rubber sheet , or Q sheet, look no further than Martin’s Rubber. As silicone sheet rubber suppliers, we stock silicone sheets in translucent, white and red varieties. Our silicone sheet is also available to purchase in blue, black and green. Thickness of the silicone sheets in stock range from 0.3mm through to 12mm and the silicone roll is available in 1.2m wide. Commercial silicone sheet is available in 60° hardness.

At Martin’s Rubber, we can cut your silicone rubber rolls to meet any given size requirement, provide you with silicone in sheet form and offer you full silicone rolls. Silicone sheet is also available to purchase with the addition of glass fabric insertion and as a metal-detectable material.

To find out more information about the range of silicone rubber sheet grades, hardness and thicknesses that are available to purchase, view our rubber sheet guide, or alternatively, visit our online store to view our standard range of silicone rubber sheeting.

Silicone Sheet Material Specification and Data Sheet

View our silicone rubber sheet material specification data sheet by using the download button on the right-hand-side of the screen.

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