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Sponge Rubber Sheet

Sponge Rubber Sheet

As a leading supplier of sponge rubber and foam rubber sheets, we understand industry requirements and the need for singular products to suit bespoke needs. That’s why, at Martins Rubber, we stock a wide range of sponge products in different materials, including silicone sponge, EPDM foam and neoprene sponge, suitable for diverse application requirements. Foams and sponges can be supplied with or without self-adhesive backing, in a range of thicknesses from 1.5mm through to 25mm, and the silicone sponge is available in a variety of colours (although the standard is off-white).

Sponge and foam rubber materials

We keep stocks of the more common rubber foam materials, from the traditional expanded natural rubber grades through to high specification synthetic rubbers such as Viton® and silicone. The more popular products that we offer include:

  • Silicone sponge
  • Viton sponge rubber
  • Closed cell expanded neoprene sponge (firm and standard grades)
  • Closed Cell expanded EPDM sponge
  • Plastazote® polyethylene foam in a range of densities (LD45 foam and LD33 foam being our most popular options)

View our range of expanded silicone sponge, EPDM foam and neoprene sponge from our online store Monomer.

We can supply rubber foam in many forms, for example as gaskets, foam rubber strips, rubber extrusions, and with various grades of self-adhesive backing, dependent on the application. With a wide range of materials available from stock, we can provide part or full rolls/sheets of material for fast shipping. We can also rapidly manufacture custom sizes or special materials for specific applications. With production, stockholding and fabrication facilities enabling the supply of either bespoke or standard parts, we maintain sufficient capacity and expertise to offer good lead times where the customer requires exceptional service. Our planning systems ensure we maintain high levels of service across our vast range of products and customers.

What is a closed cell foam sheet?

Closed cell foam sheetsClosed cell sponge, or closed cell foam sheet, is ideal for sealing against air or fluid in specific applications. Closed cell foam rubber materials are most commonly produced from polyethylene foam and provide a strong, chemical resistant material, suitable for use within a range of settings, from insulation and general use through to more demanding industrial applications. Its resistance to chemicals and grease means that this particular foam rubber sheet can also be used in manufacturing and automotive industries for shock absorbing purposes. Due to the rigid properties of closed cell foam sheets, it isn’t susceptible to wear and tear, meaning it fares well in such demanding applications such as industrial environments. Closed cell foam sheeting is stocked in a range of thicknesses, densities and materials, with special grades available to also allow properties such as shock absorption and acoustic or thermal insulation.

Rubber foam sheets are available to purchase from Martins Rubber in a range of thicknesses. We also provide the option of buying foam rubber cut to size to suit your individual application or particular project. For more information, please speak to one of our technical specialists.

Industries that use sponge rubber and foam rubber material

At Martins Rubber we have worked with a number of industries, in the UK and internationally, supplying the products and services needed for specific applications. That’s why our range of sponge rubber products has been used in many applications, some of which include:

  • Defence industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Motorsport industry
  • Marine industry
  • Medical industry

Buy expanded silicone, EPDM and neoprene sponge from our online store

At Martins Rubber, we understand that no two applications are the same, which is why we offer sponge products suitable for standard and bespoke needs, supplying foam rubber cut to size. Our ability to produce bespoke products means if you can’t find a suitable product in our online store, you can contact us to place a custom order. Our expert technical team are always available to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us today on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330, or email us.

Please follow the link for further details on our processes and techniques used in the production of our rubber foam and sponge rubber sheeting.


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