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Viton® Sheet (FKM Sheet)

Viton® (FKM) Sheet

What is Fluoro-elastomer material?

Fluoro-elastomer is more commonly known by the trade name Viton®, a brand name which has become synonymous with the material, therefore, throughout our site, fluoro-elastomer may be referred to as Viton® or FKM rubber. The commercial Viton sheeting available to purchase from us, at Martin’s Rubber, is manufactured using genuine Dupont Viton® compound. Viton®, FMP, or FKM rubber is a fluoroelastomer, which means that Viton material is a high performance synthetic rubber with exceptional properties, particularly when working with aggressive chemicals and fuels. FKM material is also known for having a very high temperature resistance.

View our full range of Viton® sheeting products here, in our online store.

Where is Viton Sheet used?

Viton sheet and Viton rubber strips are commonly used in environments whereby explosive gases are a primary concern. It is for this reason that FKM material is commonly known as the material of choice within the oil and gas industry.

Viton Sheet Properties

Before selecting a rubber sheet material, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the qualities of each material, in order to understand and be able to predict how the material will act under certain circumstances. Some Viton sheet properties that should be considered before purchase include the thickness, hardness and temperature resistance of FKM rubber. Below, we have detailed some Viton sheet properties to help you decide if FKM material is the ideal product to suit your specific application.

Viton Sheet Thickness & Tolerance

Viton® sheeting is usually stocked in thicknesses from 1mm to 3mm. However, Viton sheet is available in thicknesses of up to 10mm. The commercial FKM sheeting product is 70° hardness and is supplied in rolls of up to 1.2m wide.

Temperature Range for Viton Rubber

FKM sheet is able to operate at extremely high and low temperatures. In fact, FKM rubber is able to withstand temperatures from as low as -10°C through to +250°C. It is due to Viton’s temperature range that Viton sheet is thought to be a highly resilient and flexible material.

Where to buy Viton Rubber Sheet

FKM sheet can be bought directly from stock in our online store. For more information on the range of grades, thicknesses and hardnesses of Viton sheet that is available to purchase, please view our rubber sheet guide.

Viton Material Specification and Data Sheet

At Martin’s Rubber, we stock a variety of Viton rubber sheet and rolls, for use in many different settings. View our Viton material specification data sheet by using the download button on the right-hand-side of the screen.

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