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Martin’s Rubber is now a Garlock gasket distributor

Martin’s Rubber is now a Garlock gasket distributor

Martin’s Rubber now supplies an extensive range of high quality gaskets in materials from market-leading seals experts: Garlock. Among the widespread range of gasket products at our disposal are high temperature, inorganic fibre, MULTI-SWELL and non-asbestos varieties – giving you a premium gasket solution, no matter what your application.
The Garlock family of companies is acknowledged as the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline protection products for industry and infrastructure. Garlock gaskets are at work in many specialist industries, including chemical and petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment and drainage, power generation, primary metals, food and pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, mining and others.

Their 13 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America collectively produce the broadest range of products for industrial fluid sealing and the maintenance of pipeline integrity. They also operate the most extensive testing facilities in the industry; no wonder Martin’s Rubber Company is proud to be a Garlock gasket distributor.

Among our broad range of GYLON gaskets, Martin’s Rubber Company supplies the following types of innovative Garlock gasket materials.

Garlock High Temperature Gaskets

Garlock High Temperature Gaskets have been developed specifically for use in the harshest of conditions. In other words, they can withstand intense heat, high pressure, saturated steam and hot oils. They have also been laboratory tested for fire safety. The range includes the Style 9800, which is suitable for use with saturated steam, water, inert gases, mild acids and mild alkalies; and the Style 9850, which is suitable for use with saturated steam, oils, gasoline, water, aliphatic hydrocarbons and most refrigerants.

Both of these high temperature gaskets can operate in a temperature of -73°c to +482°c (continuous max 343°c) and pressure up to 2000 PSI. While the Garlock fire tested and ABS Fire Safety Type Approved Style 9900 can be used with steam, oils, grease, water and hear transfer fluids. This gasket type can operate up to a maximum temperature of +537°c (continuous max 343°c). They are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm to 3.2mm.

Garlock Inorganic Fibre Gaskets

Garlock Inorganic Fibre Gaskets (Style 5500) offer excellent thermal stability with minimal weight loss, resulting in reduced creep relaxation. Manufactured from inorganic fibres and a nitrile rubber binder, the non-oxidizing fibres will withstand temperature spikes of up to 425°c and an operating temperature of 290°c. These gaskets suitable for use with water, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline, saturated steam, inert gases and most refrigerants. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm to 3.2mm.

Garlock MULTI-SWELL Gaskets

Garlock MUTLI-SWELL Gaskets (Style 3760) are specially designed to swell on contact with water or aliphatic hydrocarbons (petroleum oils, fuels, solvents). The swelling ensures a seal when the bolt load is insufficient to compress a traditional fibre gasket but would potentially crush an elstomeric gasket. When the material makes contact with water or oils, the gasket load is increased through swelling. MULTI-SWELL material is twice as compressible as standard fibre gaskets, and will even create a seal with an irregular surface. It can operate in temperatures of -73 to +204°C and comes in thicknesses of 0.4mm to 6.4mm.

Garlock Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Garlock Non-Asbestos Gaskets (Style 2500) are ideal for use within petrochemical, chemical processing, oil and gas, and process industries. Manufactured from a blend of aramid fibres with a nitrile binder, it is ideally suited for use with water, saturated steam, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils and gasoline. The BLUE-GARD range of of non-asbestos gaskets is available with a range of rubber binders developed for specific applications and industries. The unique blend of aramid fibres, combined with fillers and elastomeric binders, allows for an excellent seal through improved torque retention. These gaskets can operate in temperatures of -73 to +370°C and come in thicknesses of 0.4mm to 6.4mm.

Find out more about our Garlock products by speaking to us on 023 8022 6330, or email [email protected].

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