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Martin’s Rubber’s full range of electrical safety products

Martin’s Rubber’s full range of electrical safety products

Working safely with electricity is extremely important in any work environment in order to protect your employees and the public. Martin’s Rubber is a leading supplier of electrical safety products and in our latest article, we provide further information about how they can help maximise safety in your workplace.

Health and safety in the workplace

The type of risk assessment carried out will depend on the industry sector. While demanding applications, such as manufacturing and industrial sectors, require additional electrical safety checks, all workplace environments require health and safety checks in order to promote the safe use of electricity. These health and safety checks should mirror a risk assessment and any potential dangers should be recorded. If possible, action should be taken to minimise the risk of accidents occurring, including the supply of additional electrical safety products.

How to use electricity safely

By purchasing effective electrical safety equipment, you are increasing the effectiveness of your workplace safety, thereby protecting employees. While this will mainly concern manufacturing industries who use complex electrical equipment, safe electrics are important for even the smallest appliances, such as plug sockets and computer wiring.

General electrical safety products, such as cable protectors, are available from Martins Rubber, allowing both industrial and office environments to enhance their workplace safety by minimising the number of exposed cables. Cable protectors are an important addition to any workplace environment as they not only minimise the risk of fire hazards but also reduce the risk of workplace accidents such as trips and falls.

How to be safe with electricity

For industrial applications, electrical safety mats, gloves and insulated tools offer extra personal protection against electrical hazards. In order to ensure the safe use of electrics, a risk assessment should be carried out and further action should be taken following the findings. In order to be safe around electrical appliances, extra protection should be used.

Electrical safety mats are often used in industrial environments where high voltages are applied. Similarly, employees who may come into contact with electricity may be required to wear electrical safety gloves or use specialist tools that are insulated to protect against electric shock.

Maximising employee protection

By carrying out these actions, the likelihood of workplace electrical accidents will be reduced. If you require further electrical safety supplies, visit our online store today, where you will find products suited to meet your needs for electric safety needs.

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