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Why Gylon is the new word in PTFE gaskets

Why Gylon is the new word in PTFE gaskets

PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer that offers beneficial characteristics for purposes such as sealing applications due to it being a naturally hydrophobic material, as well as having a low coefficient of friction against solids. Gylon PTFE gaskets are developing and a range of Gylon gasket materials have been produced by Garlock to offer a wider range of beneficial properties. This blog will highlight the design and features of Gylon PTFE gaskets, along with their all-important advantages.

What is a Glyon Gasket?

Gylon Gaskets are manufactured from PTFE based materials that host a range of benefits for gasket use. This product is manufactured using a patented process that conveys unique physical assets that aren’t attainable through regular, conventional PTFE manufacturing methods.

What is the function of Gylon Gaskets?

Gylon Gaskets are the perfect solution for various industrial applications. The different grades of material boast a range of sealing benefits. The unique, innovative manufacturing process of Gylon Gasket material ensures the creation of a homogenous material which is consistent across the entire sheet. This permits the added fillers that boast specific properties to be distributed evenly, enabling an increase in its sealing characteristics.

Advantages of Gylon Gaskets

The process by which Gylon gaskets are manufactured means that they can provide an array of benefits to various industries and applications. Gylon is available in a range of grades, which are specific to particular applications.

In addition to this, the Garlock branded Gylon range has an outstanding chemical resistance for harsh environments. It boasts an excellent temperature range, whilst also being able to reduce the flow and creep problems that are traditionally associated with virgin materials and those not manufactured using this unique Garlock process.

The Gylon range has been designed for the utmost severe chemical conditions whilst simultaneously having superior sealability. The different gylon gasket materials within this range can provide several benefits, such as the Gylon 3505 which is approved for oxygen service. This blue gylon gasket material is recommended for use with potable drinking water and solvents, and has excellent bolt torque retention whilst not supporting bacterial growth. The Gylon 3545, comprising a rigid PTFE core, facilitates installation on large diameter flanges and those hard to reach places.

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