CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining facilities offer a wide range of manufacturing processes, to allow us to produce a vast range of products in small to medium volume for a huge range of industries.

Image-Style-CNC-machining-slant-bed-latheEMCO SLANT BED LATHES

With capacity of up to 1000mm OD and having operated the first CNC Engineering Plastics systems in the UK since 1990, we supply to all market sectors across the UK and Internationally. Our turning facility is renowned for its rapid turnaround short lead times and adaptabilty. Martin’s Rubber Co extends this capacity with unrivalled technical know how service and value added supplying to technically demanding sectors such as Oil and Gas, Motorsport and Aerospace and able to meet the service challenges of the Seal Aftermarket. By using CNC Lathes to machine components from premoulded billets using state of the art CAM software a very large product size spread is possible.This is combined with a range of standard profiles preprogrammed for rapid set up. Each profile has been engineered to meet the requirements of a particular application condition, and a complimentary range of materials is available in premoulded standard sized billets.

BRIDGEPORT VMC 1000 5 AXIS MILLINGImage-Style-CNC-Machinging-1

With our 5 axis facility, we have the ability to produce solid body components in a wide variety of Engineering Plastics and Metals. With competitive costs on high volumes but the flexibility to offer small batch sizes without compromising quality, our facilities are class leading.


The Deckel range of machines are well respected, and with our knuckle bed DMU50 machine we are able to generate comprehensive 3D shapes on our mould tools, to meet the needs of our customers who have requirements for organic or aerodynamic surfaces on their products.


In order to get optimum performance from our machining centres, we programme offline using the class leading Hypermill software in conjunction with Solidworks to develop our mould tool designs. The machining strategies available in Hypermill allow for rapid machining and fine finishing of moulds, all of which helps deliver better products more quickly for our customers.


We employ dedicated skilled finishers to ensure that your product is not only manufactured, but also trimmed, finished and packed to the excellence that we maintain throughout our manufacturing cells, meaning that there is a level of craftsmanship akin to the quality level you would expect. We also offer a dedicated Kitting service developed for our own MR Seal Kit products range, or bespoke customer specified kits to be supplied complete and finished to production stores. From this section of our web site you can access details on our Seal Products, detailed Technical Specifications, our Tooling Expertise and more detail on the various Process / Techniques available for the production of Engineered Plastics. Please follow the links for further information.