Assessment and Sampling

When assessing your requirements for a rubber product, there are a number of ways you can approach this, with a little help from us.  Our primary recommendation would be that you pay us a visit, given that a conversation in person can often cut out both time and confusion, however there are various options available if you are developing a solution from a distance:


We have a wide variety of rubber and allied materials and products in stock, and where practicable, will send out rubber samples for assessment. Whether an O ring, hydraulic seal, rubber moulding, solid or sponge rubber sheet, gasket or matting material or extrusion, if we have what you want or something representative that is close to it, we will happily send you a sample. Even in this age of CAD design it is still often the case when dealing with elastomers that an example of the product you think you need for your application really does help inform you as to the right solution for your design. Please contact us via the email form on this page, or by calling us, and outline the problem you are trying to solve. Following a discussion with our staff, to ensure that we fully understand the application and problem that you are seeking to solve, we will then be able to send you the most suitable sample possible. The more you can inform us of the general environment that your design needs to operate in, such as temperatures, pressures, aggressive or corrosive fluids, general weathering or abrasion conditions etc., our staff will be better able to advise.

Image of Rubber Hardness Guid in silicone

Rubber guide demonstrating varying IRHD samples of silicone rubber


If you are not sure of the degree of rubber hardness that you require, we supply these very useful “Rubber Hardness Guide” mouldings that feature six interlocking segments of different hardness – take a look at our YouTube video demonstrating these. These are invaluable in refining the level of hardness that is desired in any given application, as it is still often the case that simply handling a piece of rubber will confirm the characteristics that are needed in any given design. Our hardness guide really facilitates that assessment, and for  a more in-depth discussion on rubber hardness, please read our blog feature on the subject. Please contact us if you would like one of these guides sent to you; we will ensure that you receive it on a next day delivery.



Ask for one of our Sample Cards for Sheet & Gasket materials

Ask for one of our Sample Cards for Sheet & Gasket materials

Material Selection

If you need sheet or gasket materials, we supply a useful “Material Sample Sheet” which is a card with a range of solid and sponge gasket materials on it, that can be helpful in assessing the feel and properties of various solutions. Each material has a full data sheet available and our staff are happy to advise on the most suitable material for any specific applications or problems you may have; obtaining rubber samples is often the best first step in arriving at the right solution. We supply gaskets and sheet materials in allied products such as non-asbestos fibre, gasket paper, cork and engineering plastics, and all these options are represented on our Sample Sheet. Again, we can send you one of these Sample Cards on a next day delivery to help with your product and application solutions.