Martins Rubber are a rubber manufacturer who specialise in the production and supply of elastomeric products including seals, gaskets and bespoke rubber mouldings in standard and specialised polymers, engineering plastics and gasketing materials. Founded in the UK and trading since 1865, Martin’s Rubber supplies industrial rubber and engineered plastic products to many industries around the world. Our customers range across the following sectors:

If you are looking for an industrial rubber manufacturer and engineering specialist that is long established, highly competent, secure and willing to work with you to add value to your products and services, then look no further than us – Martin’s Rubber.

Our hands-on technical expertise and flexibility at all stages of manufacture, ensure that we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We produce a vast range of standard and bespoke rubber products and engineering plastic components, from rubber gaskets to rubber washers and mouldings, rubber grommets and extrusions, rubber o-rings and hydraulic seals.

Whatever your requirements or application, our agile and professional service combined with our high quality materials is what you need. Join the many companies that trust our products, processes and customer service and find out more about Martin’s Rubber expertise

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