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We use our expertise in materials and specific marketplaces to collaborate on projects where performance is critical.

How we can help

If you need any of the following:

  • Marginal gains for a competitive edge

    Marginal gains for a competitive edge

  • Collaborative development for best-in-class

    Collaborative development for best-in-class

  • Unusual aesthetics

    Unusual aesthetics

  • Specific split-line locations or processing requirements

    Specific split-line locations or processing requirements

  • Complex insert preparation

    Complex insert preparation

  • Weight-or size-restricted solutions

    Weight-or size-restricted solutions

  • Pairing of unusual materials

    Pairing of unusual materials

  • Combinations of unusual mechanical properties

    Combinations of unusual mechanical properties

  • Reverse-engineering


  • The impossible

    The impossible

  • Advice on rubber product development

    Advice on rubber product development

  • Prototype development and testing

    Prototype development and testing

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Izaak Watson

Izaak Watson
Technical Manager

Collaborating for your success

Engineering in rubber

We will help you outperform your competitors

We employ some of the most experienced and innovative industry experts, and we carefully combine our skills in materials knowledge, toolmaking, product testing and engineering, along with our extensive experience in high-performance products, to provide the very best in collaborative design. Designing with rubber is what we do, and we will work with you and your designers and engineers to create a product that fits your particular needs, whether the challenge lies in weight-saving, aerodynamics, environment or manufacturing.

Every project is different, and it is impossible to cover every possible requirement on a website, but examples of the kinds of scenarios that we can help with are:

Q. You know what you need the product to do but are unsure of which material to select and how it will then perform.

A. We can assist with material selection, and then either run Finite Element Analysis (FEA) prior to manufacture, or we can make a low-volume tool and run some prototype rubber parts for real-world testing or for submission to a testing house.

Q. You have a part that already works in situ, but you need to improve the performance to cope with a more extreme working environment; faster (and therefore hotter) moving parts, a more corrosive chemical contact, a greater load.

A. We will look at how the part currently functions and the areas that you need to improve. We will work with you to establish the most likely solution; a bonded rubber and PTFE seal to cope with higher temperatures, a more resilient elastomer or we might run some trials and load-test alternative materials for analysis of the larger load.

Q. You have a part that needs to function mechanically, but it also needs to have a high standard of finish beyond that of a solely functional component.

A. We will work with you to understand both the function of the parts as well as the critical aesthetic areas and the look you need. We will design a tool and select a material with both in mind so that any trimming is minimal and away from the visual parts of the product, whilst maintaining the properties required.


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