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For businesses whose environmental impact matters

We all work in a marketplace where our customers care about the origin of our products.

The choices we make around social and environmental issues affects the way our customers and our employees view us. We have developed a material that enables you to make the right choice, without compromising on quality.


Be kind to the environment without compromising on quality

Our novel process takes used rubber products, breaks them down into their constituent chemical components, and enables us to re-mould them into new products.

Currently available in nitrile, we guarantee that up to 50% of the rubber in each product we mould has been recycled from previously used products.

As with all standard moulding compounds, products manufactured from Envirolast have reliable, repeatable physical properties and a high-quality finish.

Raw rubber compound

Why rubber is a recycling challenge

Rubber is difficult to recycle. Unlike plastic, rubber cannot be simply melted down and re-used.

The components that make up the raw material (compound) are a bit like the eggs, flour and sugar ingredients that are used to bake a cake – it would be impossible, once the cake has been baked, to break down that Victoria sponge and separate out the eggs for re-use.

Rubber is similar in that the molecular structure of the raw materials change as it is vulcanised (using heat and pressure). However, the Remould™ process that we have developed is able to break down some of those molecular bonds far enough that the resulting material can be reused; it gets mixed with virgin (new, raw rubber material) to go back through the moulding process once again and behave in the same way as the virgin material, forming new bonds and changing at a molecular level into a finished rubber product.

To understand more about how rubber differs from plastics and how our Remould™ process works, take a look at the detail on our page Recycling through Remould™


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