An innovative silicone developed by us to reduce part weight by 25%


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With an ever-increasing focus on lightweight materials in a variety of industries, we have responded to this demand by developing a new, lighter silicone material which retains the performance levels of existing high-specification fire retardant solid silicones.

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FRlite® is an innovative silicone that uses novel compositions and syntactic technology to reduce part weight by an unprecedented 25%.

The material is laboratory tested, with validation to relevant aerospace industry specifications (CS/JAR/FAR). Using existing manufacturing technology, we can supply lightweight versions of seals, grommets, armrests, gaskets and washers as well as bespoke rubber mouldings.

Unlike closed cell porous sponge materials, this material utilises a self-reinforcing porous structure to reduce the density, without compromising on the characteristics of solid rubber. The porous structure resists collapse, so load is transferred through the bulk of the elastomeric material as with conventional solid rubber.

This lighter material retains the load-deflection and compression characteristics of solid rubber, this gives the opportunity to utilise shape factor for engineering solutions.

  • Equivalent performance, 25% less weight
  • Retains properties of standard solid silicone
  • 25% reduction in part weight
  • Laboratory tested to industry specifications on flame retardancy, such as CS/JAR/FAR
Load deflection results

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