Serving the Defence industry since the 1930’s.


Many years of experience, supplying across all the forces both direct and through all tiers of the supply chain, has provided us with a unique ability to understand and respond to the very diverse requirements of the MOD.

  • Fast track service for UOR projects
  • Scheduling software to enable us to supply in line with build requirements and fulfill spares demands
  • Management and delivery of parts to specified shelf-life requirements and with associated paperwork
  • Technical skills to enable reverse engineering and assistance with obsolete material equivalents
  • Processes in place to manufacture ITAR restricted products under a licence agreement


Our close cooperation in land vehicles is widely varied, from the tyres for the gun carriage for Winston Churchill’s funeral, to tracks for EOD remote handling equipment.  Other component parts include battery mats and straps, projectile rammers, baton rounds and bump stops.  We also continue to supply direct to research organisations across the defence industry including nuclear and land systems.  We work closely with Universal Engineering Company and have supplied parts for their Ranger armoured vehicles, and are a supplier into the Force Protection Ocelot vehicle.


Over the years, our range of naval product applications has varied from submarine torpedo tube seals to Cruise missile control cable covers, acoustic rubbers for noise suppression to bespoke parts for the Royal Yacht Britannia. More recently, we have been involved in the provision of design and build components for refurbishment programmes on Royal Navy ships, supplying into BAE Systems Surface Ships Support items including D-fenders, tank straps and military specification materials. Our close links with Naval Dockyards means that in times of urgent operational requirements, we are able to advise on and supply solutions to meet challenging turnaround deadlines.


Our involvement in aviation applications is varied, from the historic manufacture of OEM parts for Supermarine Spitfires, through to components for aircraft ground handling equipment for Typhoon aircraft deployed on current operations.  We were involved in the deployment of specialised seals for environment sensors for flight controls, and have been working with the supply chain for Lynx and Future Lynx Helicopters. We are also involved in development projects with prime contractors such as  Rolls Royce to assist in the resolution of engineering obstacles. We work with all tiers of the defence supply chain and are approved by several major aerospace Tier 1 manufacturers, such as Augusta Westland. We also work with the defence research and development establishments in offering solutions to problems in the field. We are available to work on general engineering requirements within our field of expertise and lead multi discipline projects such as the development of a short gap bridge crossing to fulfil an urgent need for land-based troops in Afghanistan. See our specific information on products for the Defence sector below, and follow the link for the general range of products we supply into various industrial sectors.

Products for the Defence Industry include:

  • Tank straps
  • Door hatch gaskets
  • Porthole rubbers
  • Rubber Bellows
  • Battery Support Mats
  • Projectile Rammers
  • Ground box seals
  • Fuel tank gaskets
  • Ammo box gaskets
  • Tank lid gaskets
  • Tool tray inserts
  • Transit Packing Case Inserts
  • Coupling bushes
  • Door seal strips
  • Gaiters/sleeves
  • Rubber/re-covered rollers
  • Rubber feet/foot
  • Rubber Boots
  • EMC / RFI Housing gaskets
  • Pipe gaskets/flange gaskets
  • Spacers
  • Filter gaskets
  • Rubber plugs/bungs
  • Torpedo Seals
  • Control Cable Seals
  • Accoustic Rubbers
  • Q Mounts
  • Admiralty Pattern AP Bushes
  • Scupper Rubbers
  • Cockpit Ladder mounts
  • Cockpit Ladder mounts
  • Nacelle Seals
  • NACA Duct seals
  • Aerial Mounts & Seals
  • Ammo Box Seals
  • Jerry Can Seals
  • Rubber Tracks
  • Landing Light Gaskets
  • Sonar Shrouds
  • Butt Pads
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Seal Kits
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Non Silver Staining expanded rubber