Collaboration and innovation for the Nuclear and Renewables sector 

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Izaak Watson

Izaak Watson
Technical Manager

Innovating for industry

Innovation for energy

Our experience in manufacturing innovation and materials development make us an ideal partner for industries where novel solutions are in demand.

Both nuclear and wind energy are in constant development cycles, demanding collaboration and innovation from throughout their supply chains

Materials and designs for extreme environments

Whether it’s rapid decompression, corrosive chemicals or extreme environmental conditions, customers in the energy industry like to give us a challenge.

The supply chain that keeps the world warm, online and functioning day and night face tough challenges; they work in the least hospitable environments and are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. We collaborate with companies throughout these supply chains to work on developing increasingly resilient and high-performing materials to seal, cap and protect those technologies.


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We are ready to face your challenges with you:

  • Extreme environments

    Extreme environments

  • Highly corrosive chemicals

    Highly corrosive chemicals

  • Industry approvals and flow-downs

    Industry approvals and flow-downs

  • Highly pressurised sealing requirements

    Highly pressurised sealing requirements

  • Design, development and test cycle

    Design, development and test cycle

  • Deadline and logistical challenges

    Deadline and logistical challenges

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