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Our processes and systems, specifically implemented with a focus on Industry 4.0

This means that we are ideally set up to supply into production lines.

Our manufacturing and supply can feed your requirements to a schedule with automated scheduling updates, shipping notifications and a dedicated customer service team. As a finalist in the Smart Factory 2018 awards, we understand what it means to run a manufacturing business effectively.

If you want a moulded rubber part that will make your processes more efficient, then talk to us about design in advance of finalising the detail; we will design and manufacture tooling, and therefore parts, that will be most effective for your needs – including bonding the rubber to other components in order to reduce assembly in time and improve the strength and integrity of the finished part.

If you supply your customers with spares, we can make up and pack kits of parts, including customer free-issued items, seals and rubber mouldings.

We will bag and label parts individually or as a total package, and use your branding if that’s what you need.

We have customers running manufacturing businesses across all areas of the industry, from automated assembly systems to print equipment and producers of fire suppression equipment. If you run a high-volume production line but want a partner to collaborate on the design and development phase of the work, then you can make good use of our consultancy, testing and development services; we have a range of customers who regularly work with us through prototyping and low volume production and testing, where we then assist in the hand over of the final part to manufacture to their own manufacturing facility.


Case study: Blankmasters – from design to production for processing plants that work to a schedule. Download a copy here.

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Some of the parts that we currently supply into production lines or for aftersales are:

  • Battery Gaskets
  • AV Mounts
  • Valve seals
  • Plunger Diaphragms
  • Sheave Wheels
  • Vacuum Diaphragms
  • Sprinkler Seals
  • Irrigation Seals
  • Flap Valves
  • LCD Screen Seals
  • Armadillo Covers
  • Ladder Feet
  • Resilient Mounts
  • Bellows
  • Bonded Pulleys
  • Coupling Rubbers
  • Dust Caps
  • Emergency Bungs
  • Wheel Wedges
  • Door Stops
  • Eye Sheilds
  • Knobs
  • Potentiometer Covers
  • Pump Seal Sets
  • Sight Covers
  • Propellor Shaft Mounts
  • Rubber Donuts
  • Spherical Bearing Seals
  • Transit Caps
  • Sewage Seals
  • Airgun Seal Kits
  • Seal Kits

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