Supplier Management: Quality Requirements

Supplier Management:
Supplier Quality Requirements

1. Introduction

This Supplier Quality Manual (SQM) has been prepared by Martin’s Rubber Quality Department to detail the Supplier’s responsibility to maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) which will assure that raw materials, products, and services provided meet the requirements of Martin’s Rubber and its customers.
Martin’s Rubber will assess and approve all suppliers prior to issuing a purchase order. All suppliers must be approved, regardless of approvals by customer or other entities.

2. Quality Management System Requirements

Supplier minimum requirements are based on the risk and scope of supply and identified as follows

  • Manufacture ISO9001
  • Subcontractor ISO9001
  • Materials ISO9001
  • Maintenance & Calibration As appropriate
  • Service Provider As appropriate
  • Other (must be detailed in scope) ISO 9001 or Martin’s Rubber Approval

Purchase order quality levels ensure the right level of documentation supplied and are detailed as follows:

  • Level 1 – Item Traceability and Certificate of Conformity required
  • Level 2 – Batch Traceability and Certificate of Conformity Required
  • Level 3 – Order Traceability required

The supplier must ensure that the contract requirements are adequately flown down Sub-tier Suppliers.

2.1 Exceptions

Requirement exceptions for suppliers that do not meet the minimum quality certification can be authorised as follows:

  • Supplier is mandated by our customer, or the product defined can only be purchased from a single source.
  • Supplier provides product or services that have no direct or indirect effect on the products and services Martin’s Rubber provides.
  • Supplier can demonstrate that they will meet and maintain appropriate level of quality requirements.

3. Change Control

Suppliers shall ensure no changes that affect part function or fit are carried out without written consent from Martin’s Rubber [email protected] or [email protected]

4. Control of Non-Conforming Product

Suppliers shall maintain a documented process which specifies how non-conforming product is identified, quarantined, and reacted to.

4.1 Supplied Non-conformance

Martin’s Rubber will formally notify the supplier of a non-conformance by issuing a CAPAN (Corrective and Preventive Action Notice).
For non-conforming products supplied to Martin’s Rubber, including those that reach a Martin’s Rubber Customer, the Supplier must implement containment and corrective actions in as short a time as possible and is liable for all costs to correct the non-conformance.

4.2 Requesting Concession or Production Permit

A supplier will not knowingly ship product that deviates from the drawing, specification, or design without prior written authorisation from Martin’s Rubber.
It is the responsibility of the supplier to initiate Concession or Production Permit. This must be submitted to [email protected] or Martin’s Rubber buyer as soon as possible to ensure delivery dates are not affected.

5. Storage and Packaging

Storage, packaging and labelling methods must comply with common practises and any specific requirements made on Martin’s Rubber Purchase Order.

6. Counterfeit, Unapproved or Suspected Unapproved Product Prevention

Where appropriate, the supplier shall establish and maintain counterfeit parts and material prevention and control plan to ensure that counterfeit parts or materials are not delivered.

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