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Nitrile rubber sheet (NBR sheet)

Nitrile (NBR) Sheet

Are you looking to source Nitrile rubber sheet for your business? Here at Martin’s Rubber, we offer a nationwide coverage for nitrile sheet, also known as Buna-N and NBR rubber. This type of industrial rubber is suitable for a vast number of industries and sectors, thanks to its oil-resistance and hard-wearing properties.

What is NBR rubber?

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber manufactured from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It can be referred to as NBR rubber, Buna-N and nitrile butadiene rubber. This is a highly oil-resistant material that is used in the production of gaskets, rollers and fuel hoses. Martin’s Rubber offers a wide range of standard nitrile rubber sheet materials in our online store, suitable for a number of industries and applications.

View our complete range of standard nitrile rubber sheet materials in our online store here.

What is nitrile rubber used for?

Because of its oil-resistant properties, Nitrile Rubber is often used for industrial applications where oil-resistance is required, such as fuel hoses, gaskets and rollers. The breadth of NBR rubber’s properties make it suitable for automotive seals and for industries that may require the rubber to come into contact with hot oils. For example, the printing industry and textile production.

Nitrile rubber strips have a high level of nitrile present within the polymer. This results in the NBR rubber having a higher resistance to oils and acids, in comparison to natural rubber, with an impressive level of strength. Nitrile rubber has a highly resilient nature that makes it the material of choice for disposable labs requiring examination gloves and cleaning materials.

Nitrile rubber sheet properties

NBR rubber properties include a high resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels, as well as solvents and greases. This makes nitrile rubber a popular choice for use in industrial applications whereby the product may come into contact with such media. If you’re looking for nitrile rubber sheet in a certain thickness or width, we have a comprehensive choice available in our online store. Nitrile rubber sheet is available in thin gauge thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 12mm thick and is generally available in widths of 1.4m, with thin gauge options sold in 1.2m widths.

Buna-N temperature range

Nitrile rubber sheets are available to purchase to the British Standard, BS2751: 2001. This is a higher grade of nitrile rubber material, providing more superior properties than a commercial NBR rubber material and is manufactured to meet specifications set by the BSI.

In the BS2751 range, Nitrile rubber sheeting is available in hardnesses of 40° (known as BA40), 50° (BA50), 60° (BA60), 70° (BA70) and 80° (BA80). For these thicknesses, the most suitable nitrile temperature range is generally between -30°C and +110°C. Commercial nitrile rubber sheeting has a nominal hardness of 70° and is suitable for use in temperatures of between -15°C and +90°C.

Where to buy nitrile rubber sheet?

Martin’s Rubber is a quality nitrile rubber sheet supplier with a nationwide coverage. We offer a range of standard nitrile rubber sheet products in a wide remit of thicknesses and hardnesses. To find out more about nitrile rubber sheeting, take a look at our guide.

Nitrile rubber datasheet and specification

We stock a variety of nitrile rubber sheet materials, including commercial NBR sheet and British Standard Buna-N. These can be used across a number of industries and applications.

View our NBR material specification datasheets by using the download buttons on the right-hand-side of the screen.