Reference Documents for Quality

At Martin’s Rubber, we’re committed to quality – not only in terms of our service and products, but our internal processes and procedures too. As such, we have robust policies in place for the core standards we measure ourselves against, details of which can be found below.

Quality Policy

This document provides an overview of the operations behind our commitment to quality, including the systematic approach we take to achieving it. It explains the standards we work against (primarily those laid out by ISO 9001:2008) and how this flows down to the service our customers receive.

Health & Safety and Environmental Policy

This policy sets out our responsibilities towards our employees and any visitors to the company, such as contractors or members of the public who visit our offices. It provides an insight into our health & safety and environmental training programme, which helps equip employees with the tools they need to work safely and effectively at all times. We also reiterate our commitment to open communication between workers and senior management; an essential part of a safe working environment. It makes clear the time-scales we have in place for revision of the policy, too, as well as more detail on our working procedures – like our recording of accidents and the duty of care workers have not only to themselves, but to their colleagues.

General MSDS Sheet

The General MSDS Sheet provides an overview of the main polymers used in the manufacture of our key range of products, how they should be stored/handled and guidance regarding their proper usage. We issue some advice on safe, effective disposal, too. The sheet also explains the risk of fire when using our products and how to deal with one, should the situation arise. Whilst this is a rare occurrence, it’s best to be armed with the relevant information.

ISO 9001:2008 Certifcate

Our ISO 9001:2008 certificate confirms that we, Martin’s Rubber, work to the levels of quality laid out by the standard and that we have a robust, reliable Quality Management System in place to help us achieve this. It covers us for the following scope: “The manufacture and supply of seals, mouldings and gaskets in rubber and allied products produced by moulding, CNC machining, stamping and cutting. The supply of sheet and extruded material, seal kits, hoses and tube.” The fact that we are certified to this standard provides international recognition that everything we do is done with quality in mind. It reassures our customers that we aim to provide an extremely high level of service and helps support our position as a leader within our industry.