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A rubber shim manufacturer of distinction

A rubber shim manufacturer of distinction

Do you have a piece of machinery that doesn’t function as well as it could? Maybe you need something to fill the gap…literally! In this blog, Martin’s Rubber will explain what a shim is, what they are used for and why we should be your rubber shim supplier of choice.

Function of a rubber shim

As rubber shim suppliers, Martin’s Rubber can provide rubber shims in a variety of materials, each suitable for different applications. You might be wondering what a shim is. Put simply, shim’s are often used to support a washer. When a shim is fitted to a piece of machinery, you should notice a reduction in movement in the corresponding components. As the two parts no longer have direct contact with each other, you should also benefit from a boost in performance and life cycle, due to the reduction in friction and rubbing.

Confusingly, the word ‘shim’ is often interchanged with ‘washer’ but that isn’t strictly correct. The main purpose of a shim is to fill any excess space, particularly in bearing assemblies or any other application, where a gap needs to be filled. Another slightly misleading misnomer is the term ‘rubber shim’ because the majority of the shims that Martin’s Rubber manufactures are actually made from high performance engineering plastics, such as PTFE or PEEK.

The advantages of using a shim

There are several advantages that can come from using a shim, including:

  • Improved functionality and efficiency of process machinery.
  • Prevention or reduction of friction and wear of parts.
  • Prevention in general machinery problems.
  • Machinery should have a longer lifespan due to less damage to parts.
  • A more economic solution than purchasing new machinery parts.

Why choose Martin’s Rubber for your shims?

Martin’s Rubber has led the field in elastomer excellence since 1865. We can supply both rubber and plastic shims to give you the ideal solution to fit your application. For more information about our plastic shim stock or rubber shims here at Martin’s Rubber, please call us on 023 8022 6330 to speak to one of our experienced advisors. Alternatively, you can ask us any technical questions by emailing us at [email protected].

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