Design facilities at Martin’s Rubber

Our highly skilled staff regularly provide extensive design input into customer products, where industrial rubber or sealing components are required.


This can involve the creation or modification of 3D files and the provision of 2D drawings for parts. We do not offer design services to generate original new parts or specifications from scratch, but we often work with customers to refine the design of their product.

In all circumstances, the customer remains responsible for warranting the effectiveness, safety and performance of any design or alternative proposed by Martin’s Rubber, and the proving of samples or production parts in service.

It is always beneficial to involve our designers at the earliest stages of a project involving our products, as we can help customers to avoid wasted design time or incorrect material selections. On many occasions, we have been asked to solve problems where a customer has executed the majority of a design at high capital cost, only to find that the product does not work. For example, a number of problems can arise with seal or gasket design, such as insufficient provision for sealing faces, lack of stiffness in lid designs, or shortage of bolt-fixing pitches. Or, excessively hard O rings can distort housings, requiring far more compliant bespoke
seals to be developed to make the design functional, all of which addsImage-Style-CAD-Illustration to costs.

We offer a consultation service to designers whereby we can advise on material selection, product design for ease of manufacture, tolerance bands, even down to such intangibles as colour, smell and feel, which are often very difficult to quantify. Our expert staff are always available to talk to, and are always happy to visit customer sites to look at specific problems or work programs.


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