We employ dedicated skilled finishing staff to ensure that your product is not only manufactured, but also trimmed, finished and packed to the excellence that we maintain throughout our manufacturing cells, meaning that there is a level of craftsmanship delivered to the quality of finished parts that you would expect.


While we employ cryogenic deflashing and other higher volume techniques where relevant, the nature of our materials and products often means that a core staff of skilled finishers are essential to getting the product completed to the right standard. There are maintained libraries of Customer Approved Samples and Finishing Work Instructions to ensure that we always know what features are critical and standards are required for each of the vast range of parts that we process.

We also offer a dedicated Kitting service developed for our own MR Seal Kit products range, or bespoke customer specified kits to be supplied complete and finished to production stores.

From this section of our web site you can access details on our Expertise, detailed Technical Specifications, our Standard Products and more detail on the various Process / Techniques available for the production of Rubber Mouldings. Please follow the links for further information.