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Martin’s Rubber is one of the leading rubber manufacturers in the UK. For more than 150 years we have been providing rubber engineering solutions for rubber-related businesses across the UK. We have continually driven new advancements in the world of rubber engineering to the point where we can now offer a wide range of world-class rubber manufacturing services to most major cities including the city of Leeds.

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Rubber moulding

If you require rubber moulding in Leeds, make Martin’s Rubber your first port of call. Not only do we have some of the rubber industry’s most highly skilled rubber moulding experts, but we also combine tried and tested techniques with the latest cutting-edge software and processes to deliver world-class rubber moulding services to our customers in and around the Leeds area.

Rubber to metal bonding

At Martin’s Rubber, we bond materials together for strength and we have been delivering first-class rubber to metal bonding in Leeds for more than a century. We can bond rubber to virtually any substrate, taking materials beyond their standard capabilities to provide bonded products that are flexible but strong. Contact us for rubber-to-plastic bonding or rubber-to-metal bonding in Leeds.

Rubber products manufacturers

Martin’s Rubber is the premier rubber products manufacture for Leeds and the wider UK. Our collaborative approach to product design and development sees us working closely with you and your Leeds-based business to manufacture rubber products that meet the specific challenges of your application. If you’re based in or around Leeds and require a local rubber product manufacturer contact us today.

Rubber compound development

At Martin’s Rubber, we are sure to have the perfect rubber compound for your project. Whether your Leeds business requires an off-the-shelf compound or a completely “new” compound developed specifically for your requirements, we can work with you to ensure you get the material that will best benefit you. Speak to one of our rubber polymer consultants today to find out more about our rubber compound development services in Leeds.

Rubber testing

At Martin’s Rubber, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality rubber components. Whether at our own facilities or a partner testing house, we rigorously test every product we produce before it reaches you. Finite element analysis (FEA) testing and rubber fatigue testing are just two rubber testing services we offer to customers in the Leeds area to produce repeatable, high-quality products.

Rubber engineering services

Martin’s Rubber leads the way for rubber engineering in the UK. If you need rubber engineering services in Leeds from one of the UK’s most well-established, highly skilled and respected rubber manufacturers, then please don’t hesitate to contact our technical experts today. We can offer all of the above services and many more to support the ambitions of your Leeds business.

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