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Custom Sealing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Custom Sealing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Whether you’re discovering, producing, transporting or refining oil or gas, Martin’s Rubber can provide you with high-quality, custom moulded rubber sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry. In this article, we will identify the various types of sealing solutions ideal for use in the industry, as well as highlighting their benefits.

Seals for use in oil and gas extraction

Within the oil and gas industry, there are a number of challenges that have to be faced when choosing the perfect plastic for an application. Martin’s Rubber offers vast expertise in engineering plastics and polymers that are specifically designed for the challenges of the oil and gas industry. For example, we realise that products that exhibit resistance to explosive decompression (RGD / ED) are essential for robust and reliable performance in downhole applications.


Sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry

It is necessary that the material for your oil field and gas O-rings and seals is appropriate for the anticipated application conditions. Martin’s Rubber offers products with improved performances, whether they are bespoke components or industry standard sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Martin’s Rubber custom rubber oilfield products

Martin’s Rubber is able to design and manufacture custom rubber moulded components, including customer rubber oilfield products. An example of this can be seen when a client had designed a new generation of steerable drilling tools, aimed at the specific requirements of the rapidly expanding Fracking industry.

A fundamental specification of the design was a complex rubber and metal bonded assembly. This was deformable to not only allow the tool to be steered but also to endure wellbore pressures to isolate the tool internals from the well fluids.

Working in collaboration with the customer, Martin’s Rubber was able to refine a design of the metal components and develop a brand new HNBR grade of material that obtained the optimal level of bondability, flexibility and RGD performance.

The innovative equipment has now been implemented successfully on a global level, performing exactly, if not better, than the designers intended it to.

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