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Investigating the Sustainability of Rubber

Investigating the Sustainability of Rubber

Read this blog to discover the previous Research and Development projects in we have taken part, in looking at the sustainability of rubber. These included the RAPRA Remould project, and the RAPRA Devulco2 project, where we supported with our knowledge of the rubber industry.



Sustainable Rubber Manufacturers

At Martin’s Rubber we take part in Research and Development in a wide range of innovative projects looking at sustainable industrial rubber supplies. The RAPRA Devulc02 and RAPRA Remould project were two such programmes that we got involved with recently.

What is the RAPRA Remould project?

The RAPRA Remould project was a study into how a process could be developed for the continuous production of high quality re-processable rubber, using recycled vulcanised rubber including:

• Nitrile

The remould project needed the input of experienced rubber manufacturers. This is where Martin’s Rubber became involved, using our extensive knowledge, gained over many years, of the rubber manufacturing industry.

This project required investigation into the sustainability of rubber and aimed to develop the de-vulcanised tyre rubber for the re-treading of passenger and truck tyres. Martin’s Rubber also developed extruded rubber profiles to improve the processing process.

With the help of sustainable industrial rubber companies like Martin’s Rubber, this project resulted in significant potential economic benefits to rubber compounders and moulders. Not to mention, it presented very real environmental benefits by reducing otherwise non-biodegradable tyre waste.

What is the RAPRA DevulCO2 project?

Martin’s Rubber also supported the DevulcO2 project which similarly conducted research into the devulcanisation of ‘end-of-life rubber’. The motivation for this project came from the ruling in 2006, stating that all used tyre rubber cannot be placed into landfill sites within the EU. The product also looked at devulcanised rubber as a raw material replacement for virgin rubber in the manufacture of high-added value rubber products

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