Marine Industry

Rubber and sealing products for the Marine Industry.

We have been supplying into the marine industry for over 100 years, and our unchanged location close to Southampton Docks is testament to our success in this arena.

We manufacture mast-coats to fit all size of yacht or masted vessel, and this can be done within 2-3 days if a ship is only moored locally for a short time.

Buy mast boots direct from our online store

We also have a range of standard D-fenders available, and are able to supply specials to a sample or drawing in a range of materials to withstand the conditions of sea-faring vessels.

Buy standard D-fenders from our online store

There is a range of extrusions available for finishing edges, sealing hatches and other more general requirements throughout the boat.

Image-Style-Marine-D-FendersNon-slip floor mats are available for fitting out vessels, as well as electrical safety matting for commercial vehicles.

For the electronics and engineering element of sea-faring boats, we can supply replacement seals for engines, and have a number of customers who regularly bring in seals and gaskets to our trade counter to have replacements made up during a re-fit.

We are also the manufacturers of the original rubber marine diesel engine McMurdo Mufflers and still supply these Aqualastic Silencers to be used to muffle the ehaust and engine noise on a marine engine.  Manufactured from Neoprene, they are more effective and have a better lift service than those manufactured from plastic or metal.

Aqualastic marine silencers are available to buy online in a range of size options.

Our customers include small rib owners, boat builders and servicing businesses, luxury yachts, marine engineers, ocean liners, commercial fleets and the Royal Navy; whatever the scale, we can supply both bespoke and standard product to suit.

See our specific information on products for the Marine sector below, and follow the link for the general range of products we supply into various industrial sectors.

Products for the Marine Industry include
  • Mast Coats
  • Caulking
  • Cutlass Bearings
  • Bouyancy Foam filling
  • Moulded Integral Skin Seat Foams
  • Sonar Monitor Seals
  • Scupper Rubbers
  • D Fenders
  • Window Extrusion
  • Fender Extrusion
  • Porthole Rubber
  • Hatch Seals
  • Non Slip Matting
  • Electrical Safety Matting
  • Capstan Seals
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Waste Valve Seals
  • Cabin Basin Plugs
  • Deck & Lounge Chair Feet
  • ANSI Pipe Flange Gaskets
  • Bunker Seals
  • Steam Packings
  • Gauge Glass Rubbers
  • Lifeboat Stay
  • Bumpstops
  • Marine Oil Spill Fender accessories
  • Dinghy Handle Rubbers
  • Exhaust Outlets
  • Marine Diesel Rubber Silencers (McMurdo pattern)
  • Seal Kits
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Scuba suit accessories
  • Sheave Wheel

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