Electrical Safety Products

We stock electrical safety products including mats, cable protectors and gloves, supplying wholesalers, electricians and end users.

Our range of electrical safety matting has various levels of insulation resistance available, from the commercial 450 volt grade, through to the 650 volt specification. We now also stock the new BS EN 61111 specification electrical matting grade, which has superseded the older BS921 grade.

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Higher resistance electrical matting is also available by request, for more specialist needs. Electrical safety floor mats are made from a special grade of insulating rubber designed for use in front of switchboards or high-voltage equipment. They are designed to protect operators or maintenance staff against accidental electric shock and should always be specified in any area where a Health & Safety risk assessment shows a possibility of high-voltage shock.

We also supply Electricians’ gloves – these gauntlets are designed for use by qualified personnel when working with live electrical equipment. They protect the wearer against electrical shocks up to the corresponding voltage for each class of glove / gauntlets. All our gloves are manufactured and tested to the BSI Standard BS EN 60903, see our Electrical Safety Glove Products Website for details.

Electrical_Matting_2Cable protectors are rubber extrusions which help create a safe environment in workplaces, in both office and factory environments by containing loose cables and leads which have to cross walkways, eliminating trip hazards and making physical damage less likely. They assist in complying with HSE requirements and play a major role in preventing accidents caused by loose and trailing cables.

Insulated hand tools have long been a catalogue item for Martins Rubber, providing an all round solution for staff working with high voltage installations – please contact us for specific details.

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