Prototyping to full production

Our rubber moulding facility produces a wide variety of medium volume rubber products in the entire range of elastomeric thermoset materials.

Manufacturing Process and Techniques

We’re a rubber moulding company that manufactures a full range of custom commercial rubber products, offering expertise in design, material selection, manufacture method and cost-effective solutions.  We offer both a volume manufacture service, supplying to a schedule or one-off quantity order, as well as low volume specialist work either for prototyping and development or for bespoke project requirements. Using production facilities including injection moulding machines up to 1 litre capacity, and more than 20 transfer and compression moulding machines, we produce items ranging in weight from a fraction of a gram up to 5 kg.

Rubber Moulding Types and Materials

We mould rubber products in all the common compounds – including Neoprene®, nitrile, natural and silicone – as well as specialist high-performance elastomers such as hydrogenated nitrile, Viton®,Aflas® and perfluoroelastomer. We also offer a custom compounding service so that we can cover the whole material spectrum. This allows us to provide a complete technical service and solve individual design or application issues with a dedicated compound. Our technical staff are always available to discuss any challenges faced by our customers, and our long experience as rubber manufacturers and the range of our facilities mean we are ideally placed to solve most problems.

Rubber Moulding Expertise

Our long history as rubber manufacturers means that we have an extensive collection of standard mould tools for the cost effective and speedy production of industrial rubber items such as rubber grommets, coupling rubbers, bushes, bellows, rubber O rings and rubber seals. We also specialise in highly technical composite and rubber to metal bondings, custom bespoke parts and the prototyping of pre-production mouldings.


We have in-house facilities for substrate preparation prior to bonding processes. Our tooling is designed and manufactured in-house, using industry-leading CAD/CAM packages. And all trimming and finishing operations are carried out on site, to ensure the highest quality levels, supplemented with cryogenic de-flashing and other automated techniques.

Volumes and Lead Times

We maintain sufficient capacity and expertise to offer very short lead times where the customer requires exceptional service. Meanwhile, our planning systems ensure we maintain a consistent workflow to deliver a consistent service across our vast range of products and customers.

Custom and Stockholding

To provide the widest range of solutions we hold a range of standard and common rubber mouldings including gaskets, seals and grommets. These products are cost effective and we can supply these parts and components rapidly. Our delivery times are excellent providing fast turnaround for many industries that demand this from our services including the defence and motorsport industries.

Industries that use our Rubber Mouldings

Historically we’ve worked with nearly every vertical and industry both in the UK and internationally. Wherever your market across the globe we can provide you with the products and services you need. We work with a range of clients across the defence, aerospace and motorsport industries as well as the marine, medical and telecommunications industries providing both standard and custom rubber moulded components for various applications. Recently, we’ve been working more and more closely within the energy sector.

Please follow the links to access details on our rubber moulding expertise, detailed product listings, and more detail on the various processes / techniques available for the production of rubber mouldings.

Please follow the links to access details on our rubber moulding expertise, detailed product listings, and more detail on the various processes / techniques available for the production of rubber mouldings.

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