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Moulded Seals

Moulded Seals

Moulded seals produced in-house, for advanced sealing requirements and volume production

One of the products manufactured by our rubber moulding facilities are moulded rubber seals – either in quantity for a cost-effective solution, or for specialist applications or industries.   We can bond rubber to metal and other substrate materials, and we design and produce our own tooling in-house in order to maintain control of both quality and lead time.


Whether it be Butterfly Seals, Blade Seals, Lip Seals, Face Seals or Music Note Seals, our rubber moulding facilities produce a huge variety of moulded seals in a range of materials for every application, including advanced rubber compounds for extreme environments and performance.


We have supported OEM Valve manufacturers with their rubber seals, flange gaskets and shaft chevron seals for many years, and our expertise in moulded seals means that while we may chose to prototype and manufacture pre-production parts on our CNC seal manufacturing equipment, we can then transfer the volume production to full mould tooling and therefore the most suitable long term method of supply.

Moulded seals for the Oil & Gas industry are a speciality, with rubber compounds that exhibit excellent Explosive Decompression characteristics and extreme low and high temperature performance. For the Aerospace industry we provide Flame Retardent silicone rubber seals that conform to the requirements of Airbus and Boeing, whilst for volume manufacturing customers we provide industrial rubber seals to customer designs for applications in the fluid handling, irrigation and hydraulic sectors, amongst many others.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so that we may advise on the best solution for any given application.

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