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Aerospace customers benefits from 3D modelling, rubber moulding and seals expertise

Aerospace customers benefits from 3D modelling, rubber moulding and seals expertise

Martin’s Rubber first launched into supplying the aerospace industry with our trademark modelling, rubber moulding and seals expertise in the 1930s, and we’ve continued to provide our out of this world services ever since. Martin’s Rubber has been involved in the aerospace industry since the 1930s, during the earliest days of aircraft construction along the south coast of England. We supplied products for the aircraft of that era and haven’t looked back since, devising cutting edge solutions right up to the modern day. Since branching out into components for rockets and satellites, we have indeed reached for the skies over the generations!

Aerospace rubber products

Our aerospace rubber products range from high specification materials, designed to perform in extreme pressure and temperature situations on engines and airframes, through to cabin interior components, such as seat armrests, meal trays and footrests. We also turn our hand to ground equipment components, like ground box seals, electrical connectors, protective boots and transit caps. We work with all tiers of the aerospace supply chain and are approved by several major aerospace manufacturers, including Augusta Westland. We are available to work on general engineering requirements within our field of expertise and assist on multi-discipline projects to deliver complete subassemblies to major contractors. With materials that meet Boeing and Airbus FAR/JAR specifications, novel lightweight composite solutions, and FEA modelling to predict the likely performance new rubber & sealing designs before manufacture, Martin’s Rubber has indeed moved with the times. Among the many OEM products that we supply to the aerospace sector are fuel tank gaskets, rubber bellows, tank lid gaskets, coupling bushes, door seal strips, filter gaskets, footrest rubbers, seal kits, adhesives and sealants – to name but a few.

Why Martin’s Rubber?

Martin’s Rubber has grown a sterling reputation within the aerospace industry thanks to our expertise in R&D, design for production, custom builds and rapid manufacture. We also have extensive in-house processes suitable for a wide variety of products, and stockholding of standard materials and components. Our business has grown over the years through recommendations founded on excellent customer relationships and our expertise, resulting in cost-effective solutions across the board. The ever-expanding range of processes and polymers available has vastly increased the range of possible solutions to any given problem. The sky really is the limit! Contact us today on 023 8022 6330, or email [email protected], for more information about all our rubber manufacturing services and products.

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