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Martins Rubber Santas little helper…

Martins Rubber Santas little helper…

Ever wondered how Father Christmas delivers presents to the billions of children, across 175 million miles worldwide in just 24 hours? We’ll let you in on a secret. Reindeer rocket power and elf magic aside, this year Santa Claus has suped-up his sleigh with the latest innovations from Martin’s Rubber. Here’s five ways that Martin’s Rubber are keeping Santa on track this year: • SPEED: KERS technology makes his sled faster then a Formula One car. • SAFETY: with all those presents to deliver, Santa has to take care of his reindeer. Protective rubber caps for the tops of their antlers, keep them flying high. • COMFORT: a rubber belt to allow for Santa’s ever expanding waistline plus highly durable materials to handle the variable temperatures and environments, make the long journey round the world much more enjoyable. • CAPACITY: non-slip rubber matting and anti-vibration mounts ensure that all those presents stay on the Santa’s sleigh. • PROTECTION: occasional turbulence makes for a rough ride, so rubber bumpers protect the sleigh and its precious cargo. Merry Christmas from all the team! Image-Style-Xmas-Group

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