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Rubber fatigue/failure and fatigue testing

Rubber fatigue/failure and fatigue testing

There are hundreds of factors that can encourage the fatigue of rubber components, especially within industries that regularly operate under extreme conditions. Read on to find out more about rubber fatigue and what can be done to prevent it before it becomes dangerous.

Rubber fatigue – what is it?

Rubber fatigue is the material wear and eventual breakdown of a rubber component, making it weaker and less effective at doing its job. It can come with catastrophic consequences. Should rubber fatigue impair the efficient running of plant machinery it can slow down or halt productivity, or possibly even injure somebody. It is highly important, that it is spotted as quickly as possible and resolved.

Many things can influence rubber fatigue, but environmental influences are the main culprit. If exposed to temperatures that rapidly increase from zero to 100 degrees Celsius, fatigue life can drop drastically in rubber components. Electrical charges can also eventually wear down the strength and usability of rubber, which can be a problem in electrical applications.

Oxygen can also be a factor when it comes to the fatigue of rubber, as it encourages the fatigue crack rate. Oxygen causes the rubber to become brittle and useless, rendering it ineffective as a component of specific types of machinery. But don’t panic, Martin’s Rubber is here to show you how these problems can be avoided in the first place.

What is a fatigue testing machine and how does the process work?

A fatigue testing machine attempts to demonstrate and replicate the weight that would be applied to the rubber in question, along with replicating the desired industry environment and application. It works to strain the rubber, resulting in crack growth and crack nucleation. Fatigue testing machines are designed to be highly accurate so that you know exactly how your rubber component will perform before purchasing it.

Fatigue testing could be the answer to all your prayers when it comes to rubber fatigue and wear. It could save you a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be spent on replacing your rubber components with frustrating regularity. Fatigue testing also enables your work-flow to run smoothly and without any unforeseen errors. So you can avoid costly downtime and maintenance fees.rubbe

At Martin’s Rubber, we can use our own facilities or a partnered testing house to carry out various types of test including your fatigue testing. We pride ourselves on engineering the highest quality rubber components and sealants, and thoroughly test everything we manufacture before it is sent out to customers. Rubber fatigue testing is essential for manufacturers working in industries that habitually encounter extreme conditions. For that reason, it is, therefore, something that Martin’s Rubber takes very seriously.

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