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Using Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology to Design a Bolt-free Helmet

Using Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology to Design a Bolt-free Helmet

Here at Martin’s Rubber, we love a challenge. In this article, we describe how we helped United Shield with a bolt and screw-free helmet by using our innovative rubber products manufacturing process.


Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology

When United Shield came to us in 2016 looking for a solution to aid their development of a bolt-free helmet pad, we jumped at the opportunity. The bolt-free technology that United Shield have been developing over a number of years means that they are able to offer helmets with an uninterrupted surface. This both eliminates the risk of secondary projectile impact, and also removes weak points that would affect deformation results in ballistic shooting tests.

The manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products

The rubber pad that we have helped to develop, and subsequently manufacture, offers a fixing solution within the helmet in place of the usual standard fixtures for straps. When United Shield approached us initially, they had already fabricated a sample of what they were looking for and had launched the product using their initial concept samples.
However, they now needed an experienced manufacturer, with an in-depth knowledge of the rubber products manufacturing process, to mass produce their helmets. We developed the design stage further to provide extra strength by eliminating sharp angles and creating radii; both reducing the tooling cost and improving the function of the part. Material selection was a critical feature of the solution, given that the product must be secure and firmly bonded.

From this…Rubber products manufacturing technology                                     to this…Rubber products manufacturing process

The production tooling solution we designed was a 9 cavity mould with core bars running through the cavities in order to create the webbing slot feature required. United Shield are now rolling this out across their entire range of products as an alternative to the standard fixing solution. With demand ramping up globally, we are delighted to be able to support their ongoing production requirements.

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products at Martin’s Rubber

This project is a good example of the expertise that Martin’s Rubber possesses to take a pre-production concept through an improvement process to optimised design, materials and tooling to deliver a robust product in volume.

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