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What rubber products can Martin’s Rubber offer the motorsport industry?

What rubber products can Martin’s Rubber offer the motorsport industry?

Martin’s Rubber has a well-established working relationship with the motorsport industry. We work with engineers and designers to develop and test automotive rubbers and seals. Martin’s Rubber has been supplying into the niche automotive seals and gaskets industry for over twenty years, and still works closely with many of our original customers. We understand the high-pressure environment that often pervades the motorsport industry.

Automotive rubbers and seals

Some of the common products that Martin’s Rubber supplies include automotive rubbers and seals, rubber to metal bonded parts, anti-vibration products, and sealing products. When we work with customers, we are well aware of and will aim to provide the best possible solutions for,  requirements such as dust exclusion, lightweight, and aerodynamic geometries. Material requirements for the motorsport industry often include high temperature, high tear resistance, low friction, oil and fuel resistance and dual hardnesses.

The accuracy, quality and tolerances demanded by the motorsport industry are then matched by Martin’s Rubber’s robust quality systems and exceptional control processes. The often-complex requirements of automotive seals and gaskets rely upon Martin’s Rubber’s technical team to react and innovate to fulfil demanding applications. The changing FIA regulations ensure that engineers throughout the supply chain of this industry must keep up with evolving priorities, whilst maintaining safety, comfort, race duration and balance.

What’s new with Martin’s Rubber? 

Martin’s Rubber is currently working on cutting edge projects where extreme road performance is required. We offer the capability to deliver high quality and aesthetically pleasing products in short runs to exacting delivery deadlines. We also provide technical support with material and tooling development, as well as design affirmation through FEA modelling of the likely performance of rubber components prior to delivering the actual products.

In the ever-growing market for “Special Vehicles”, which are low volume OEM customised vehicles with extras and options requested by the customer, Martin’s Rubber has supplied limited run products for SVO, vehicles such as the Range Rover Autobiography, and pure supercars, such as the Bugatti Veyron.

The benefits of choosing Martin’s Rubber

Martin’s Rubber understands the requirements of the environment and marketplace in which customers in the motorsport industry operate. We are highly experienced in automotive seals and gaskets and provide superior rubber products.

The F1 industry requires absolute quality, on-time delivery, and a can-do approach to innovation. Martin’s Rubber fully recognises that in no other industry do motorsport professionals get so publicly tested for their performance. This level of performance is often similarly required by SVO and niche automotive customers who, unlike their volume manufacturing counterparts, need to solve problems quickly for a limited run of products. The ethos of Martin’s Rubber is firmly founded on meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. We are adept at meeting the needs of fast-moving industries, with both design input and manufacturing support from our in-house tooling department and production facilities.

If you would like any more information about automotive rubbers and seals or automotive seals and gaskets, please contact Martin’s Rubber today on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330. Or drop us an email at [email protected]. To view our range of general products, please click here.


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