Oil & Gas Industry

Martins Rubber manufacture and supply a wide variety of rubber products and engineering plastic parts for use in the Oil & Gas industry, both on shore and off shore.

Oil & Gas Industry

We supply Oil & Gas OEM equipment manufacturers, distributors and MRO organisations throughout the Oil & Gas industry with a wide variety of products.  This includes specialist items such as HVP-flapper seals and slipper seals, Viton®, Aflas®, and silicone rubber O rings, and bespoke seals in low-temperature materials such as Epichlorhydrin, HNBR and Fluorosilicone.

Working in conjunction with our rubber compounding experts, we have materials suitable for NORSOK product compliance, with other grades suitable for downhole “Swelling Rubber” applications, whether Water Swellable or Oil Swellable. This novel technology uses the attributes of specially compounded swellable elastomers to create products such as swellable packers for down hole operations where the short lifespan of a given well means that more traditional sealing methods are not cost effective.

We are approved as a pre-qualified supplier to the FPAL supplier assessment standard, as part of our ongoing commitment to the O&G industry. In partnership with our customers we help to design and manufacture custom specialist parts and materials specific to particular applications in the O&G industry. We currently supply ranges of rubber valve seals to a number of customers, and the inside diameter requirements of such seals can range from 3” to 84”.

The larger items are manufactured by moulding sections of profiled seal and then vulcanising in a specially developed jig in order to provide the correct curvature, or taking an extruded profile and vulcanising a joint to create a continuous rubber seal.

Large moulded and fabricated valve seal

Large moulded and fabricated Oil & Gas valve seal

As well as rubber seals, we supply industrial rubber or machined engineering plastic items for rotary steerable tools, tether clamps and sub-sea ROV’s used in exploration and exploitation.  Products include rubber to steel bonded joints, moulded end caps, sheave wheels machined from engineering plastic and large rubber clamp pads with internal steel reinforcement. Many of these products are manufactured in materials such as bisphenol and peroxide cured FKM Fluorocarbon grades such as Viton®, FEPM grades such as Aflas® and HNBR , which can withstand the rigours of down hole operations such as explosive decompression (also known as RGD or ED) and exposure to a huge variety of aggressive chemicals and gases.

These materials have been tested against ISO 23936-2, but as ever, specific applications may require custom product and compound design, along with specific testing and certification. Polyurethane rubber parts supplied into the oil and gas industry include moulded pigs for flushing pipelines, foam ball ends and fenders. As seal manufacturers we also machine seals to specification or for prototyping and testing, not only in rubber materials such as Silicone, Viton and Nitrile, but also in engineering plastics such as Polyurethane, PEEK, virgin and filled PTFE, modified TFP PTFE, Ekonol and Rulon for example.

Products that are currently in demand within the industry include Slipper seals, Flapper seals, Vee packings, cable packers, wiper seals, piston rings and bypass check valves. See our specific information on products for the Oil & Gas sector below, and follow the link for the general range of products we supply into various industrial sectors.

  • Music Note Seals
  • Blade Seals
  • Round Nose Seals
  • Butterfly Valve Seals
  • Angulation Joints
  • RST – Rotary Steerable Tool Joints
  • Mid Water Arch Tether Clamps
  • Packer Seal Chevron Packs
  • Pigs – Pipeline Inspection Gauges
  • Machined seals for Downhole Fishing Tools
  • Slipper Seals
  • Flapper Seals
  • Cable Packers
  • Wiper Rings
  • Low Temperature Seals
  • Explosive Decompression resistant Seals
  • ROV – Remote Observation Vehicle Seals & bearings
  • Bypass Check Valve Seals
  • Foam Ball Ends
  • Tool Thread Protectors
  • Gaskets
  • Strip
  • Machinery Mountings
  • Anti Slip Grips
  • Blowout (BOP) Preventer Seals (Inner & Outer)
  • Vee Packings
  • Chevron Packs
  • Locating Guide Cones
  • Kelly Cock Ball Valve Seals
  • Dowty Washers
  • Rubber O Rings
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Pneumatic Seals
  • ANSI Pipe Flange Gasket