Martin’s Rubber offers specialist industrial rubber products for the petrochemical industry.

Petrochemical Rubber Products

We have a reputation for producing quality high-temperature seals for petrochemicals, which can help reduce plant downtime. As a petrochemical rubber product manufacturer with over 150 years under our belt, we are ideally placed to help you assess which products and materials will work best for your application.

Our extensive range of high-quality materials, coupled with our knowledge and expertise, means we can help you extend the life of your equipment in aggressive petrochemical applications and therefore reduce overall maintenance costs.

Seals for petrochemical applications

Martin’s Rubber has extensive experience in supplying rubber mouldings, gaskets and seals for petrochemical applications. We have worked with a range of organisations in the petrochemical industry, from the oil refinery business through to chemical and process plants. We can provide a range of petrochemical rubber products that assist in the stages of refinement handled by these plants.

Choosing rubber for petrochemical refineries

Our expertise in material compatibility is extensive, and this is where the backup that Martin’s Rubber provides is crucial for efficient operations. With a wide range of Viton® grades available, alongside Kalrez®, Aflas®, fluorosilicone and perfluoroelastomer, Martin’s Rubber has the ideal rubber material solutions for seals for petrochemicals.

Petrochemical rubber products for unexpected shortages

While most refining sites have extensive stores on hand, it is still the case that unexpected shortages can occur. Whether it is a simple shortfall or an unusual product cocktail where the standard seal material is not compatible with the product in the process, Martin’s Rubber can provide immediate support with rapid manufacturing or stockholding facilities for petrochemical rubber products. On many occasions, we have manufactured “while you wait” rubber parts for petrochemical refineries and dispatched goods by same day courier all over Europe.

From standard petrochemical rubber products – such as gate valve seals, chevron packings, rubber washers, pipe flange gaskets and rubber O-rings, through to bespoke or reverse engineered replacement parts for obsolete plant equipment, Martin’s Rubber has the facilities and experience to provide a full service to the industry.

View our range of petrochemical rubber products below, and follow the link for further information about our general range of products that we supply into various industrial sectors.

Petrochemical rubber products:

✓ Rubber O-rings
✓ ANSI pipe flange gaskets
✓ Gate valve seals
✓ Compensator bellows
✓ Dock fenders
✓ Loading arm face seals
✓ Tanker loading coupling seals
✓ BLEFA bin seals
✓ Valve stem chevron sets
✓ PTFE encapsulated seals
✓ Rubber extrusion
✓ Rubber strip
✓ Fatigue matting
✓ Tool tray case inserts
✓ Vacuum seals
✓ LP diaphragms
✓ Top hat diaphragms
✓ Ring splicing kits

No matter what your industry or sector, our specialist team is here to help. If you require a high-temperature seal for petrochemicals from stock or bespoke, contact us today on 023 8022 6330, or email

Products for the Petrochemical Industry include:

  • Rubber O Rings
  • ANSI Pipe Flange Gaskets
  • Gate Valve Seals
  • Compensator Bellows
  • Dock Fenders
  • Loading Arm Face Seals
  • Tanker loading coupling seals
  • BLEFA Bin seals
  • Valve Stem Chevron sets
  • PTFE encapsulated Seals
  • Rubber Extrusion
  • Rubber Strip
  • Fatigue Matting
  • Tool Tray case Inserts
  • Vacuum Seals
  • LP Diaphragms
  • Top Hat Diaphragms
  • O Ring Splicing Kits