Products for manufacturers in the processing industry and FMCG

Martin’s Rubber has been supplying into these industries for many years, and understands the very stringent requirements of industries where the end products are highly regulated and where health and hygiene are paramount.

We are ideally suited to supply this industry with our rapid response manufacturing capabilities, and work together with our customers to meet FDA and USP Class VI challenges, as well as the BfR Food Contact Materials recommendations, utilising our in house design capabilities and materials specialists.

Our ability to cut gaskets and machine seals to suit customer requirements keeps manufacturing facilities across the UK and Europe processing to schedule. We have the facilities to mould products to meet short leadtimes, using our in-house tooling manufacture to allow for complete control over a schedule. We also offer FE analysis for validation, as well as supplying to a schedule or from stock.

Processing Industry Products

Seals and gaskets for use with Clean in Place (CIP) and Steam in Place (SIP) are available as standard, along with solutions for high temperature steam sterilisation. Tri-clamp gasketsWe offer materials that demonstrate reduced creep and coldflow, therefore preventing likely contamination and offering prolonged lifespans of products.

Elastomers for moulding are available in specially developed materials for use as food grade seals; these provide excellent performance, particularly in terms of mechanical capabilities and chemical resistance, whilst being compliant with a variety of food and pharmaceutical testing procedures for non-contact applications. Many sealing products within this industry are designed for single use, to be replaced between production cycles in case of contamination, microbial growth or sterilisation issues, other processes require seals that can remain in place for multiple cycles; we work with our customers to find a solution which fits both the processing requirements, and hygiene demands.

Our metal detectable range of materials contain additives (metallic ferrite), added at the compounding stage and visible to scanning equipment, allowing any rubber contamination to be quickly, easily and safely identified. The additives are approved for use within the food processing industry, and the range of products available in this material ranges from o-rings and gaskets to sheet and bespoke mouldings, in most of the standard grades of rubber.

We supply a range of gaskets and seals into ventilation and fire safety systems for commercial kitchens. Our moulded cushions and diaphragms, rubber O rings and rubber washers are used widely by one of the UK’s leading dispense system manufacturers. Overall, our customers range from the delicious (chocolate and sausage manufacturers), to the practical (packaging and processing systems), through to the thirst quenching (beer and soft drinks).

We will be exhibiting at the PPMA show; visit us on stand E44:

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Seals that conform to the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)

Martin’s Rubber supply products in WRAS approved materials to a whole range of customers including sprinkler systems manufacturers, water management solutions providers, freshwater processing engineers and food manufacturers.

WRAS set out test methods and criteria in accordance with BS 6920: 2000/2014, and the five tests contained within the British Standard set out to demonstrate that non-metallic materials, in this case rubber, does not:

  • Impart odour or flavour on the water
  • Cause change in the appearance of the water (colour, turbidity)
  • Enhance microbial growth (MDOD test)
  • Leach substances harmful to human health into the water (cytotoxicity), or
  • Leach metals into the water
Products for the Processing Industry include
  • FDA Silicone Clamp Pads
  • WRAS EPDM Seals
  • FDA O-Rings
  • Sausage Machine Seals
  • Pizza handling Suckers
  • Plate cushion pads
  • Bottle Neck Seals
  • Bottle Pads
  • Brewers Tube
  • Mixer seals
  • Metal Detectable Mouldings
  • Cup handling Suction Cups
  • Oven Door Seals
  • Fridge Door Seals
  • Extraction Hood Seals
  • Beer Pump Seals
  • Beer Pump Gaskets
  • Chocolate handling Suckers
  • Ryvita® rubber sheet
  • Tri-clamp gaskets
  • Beak Pads
  • Loading Dock Fenders
  • Food Grade hydraulic & pneumatic seals
  • UHMWPE machined wear blocks
  • Pivot Bushes
  • Cup Suckers
  • Diaphragms
  • Lathe Cut Washers
  • Cushion Rubbers
  • Sweet Rubber Washers
  • Rubber Drive rollers
  • Pipe flange gaskets
  • Rubber strip