Custom Build

Bespoke manufacture and Custom Build

As the relentless pace of change in manufacturing proceeds, with globalisation and supply chain rationalisation increasingly important, the compression of lead times and simplification of the supply base by adding value as a supplier is an area that Martins are well placed to contribute.

Custom Build

With facilities to undertake multiple stages of manufacture and then subassemble or kit parts to order, the opportunities to provide a complete manufacturing and supply service are all covered at Martins.

For many years we have routinely taken “free-issue” customer components and added the rubber moulded elements for example, or kitted standard off the shelf hydraulic seals and rubber O Rings into kits with our own in house manufactured parts, to provide a finished, complete, ready to use MR Branded kit for our customers. We now extend this kind of service by undertaking the sourcing of bespoke parts, processes and services where required, then assembling or kitting the resulting set of parts into whatever complete form the customer would prefer to have delivered into their stores. This service can even mean that we supply and use the customers own trademarked packaging and attaching their bespoke labelling, such that the goods are literally ready to go to market once received by the customer.

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