Seal Manufacturing

  • Our Seal Manufacturing facility offers a wide range of processes, to allow us to produce a vast range of products in small to medium volume for a huge range of industries.

By using a specially adapted CNC Lathe to turn flexible parts the Seal-Jet technique offers the ability to rapidly produce a myriad of sizes and profiles of seals without having to resort to tooling and minimum quantities.  Martin’s is the largest UK based independent Seal-Jet operator with the personnel in our team having over 20 years experience in this sector, we have continuously operated the first systems imported into the UK in 1990, since then we have grown our capacity and size capability and now have 5 Seal-Jet Machines in our seal machining cell with the capacity to turn seals and engineered components from 10mm up to 1000mm diameter.  We supply to all market sectors across the UK and Internationally. The Seal-Jet process is renowned worldwide for its rapid turnaround short lead times and adaptabilty but Martin’s Rubber Co. extends this capability with our unrivalled technical know-how, service and value, supplying to technically demanding sectors such as Oil and Gas, Motorsport and Aerospace and able to meet the service challenges of the Seal aftermarket. By using CNC Lathes to machine seals from pre-moulded billets using state of the art CAM software a very large product size spread is possible. This is combined with a range of standard sealing profiles preprogrammed for rapid set up. Each profile has been engineered to meet the requirements of a particular application condition, and a complimentary range of materials is available in premoulded standard sized billets. The combination of these materials profiles and infinite size range means that a huge product range is deliverable. For consumers of hydraulic seals this means an increase in availability and a reduction in lead times across the already large range of potential seal designs. The benefits for consumers increase when non-standard designs are encountered, obsolete parts re-manufactured or prototypes made with the need for tooling.


  • 125 standard profiles for hydraulic & pneumatic seals
  • Special requirements or prototypes are not a problem
  • Standard profiles in special materials are not a problem
  • Same Day or While you Wait delivery
  • Quantities for 1 off to 1000’s off Cost Effective, the quantity you want, when you want it
  • Consistency and accuracy, fine tolerances can be maintained
  • Size range from 5mm ID to 1000mm
  • Metric and Imperial sizes
  • Not only seals – any plastic turned part
  • Replica / alternatives available to virtually any other manufacturers design, any size


  • Parts must be circular
  • Minimum hardness is 85° to allow room temperature machining
  • On higher volumes, wastage can mean moulding becomes more cost effective

Detailed information and specifications are available on this page

  • Profiles
  • Rod Seals
  • Piston Seals
  • Wear rings



Standard components such as Wear and Back Up Rings, Extrusion Rings and PTFE Seals are manufactured in our modern CAD/CAM Machining cells, but we also specialise in bespoke designs for in engineering plastics for our customers, and with our 5 axis facility, the ability to produce solid body components. With competitive costs on high volumes but the flexibility to offer small batch sizes without compromising quality, our facilities are class leading.


Combining Seal Jet machined seals and in-house mould tool manufacturing and moulding we offer a unique service where the development of components is carried out without mould tools and then transferred to a moulded process method for production quantities. This reduces development lead-times and costs whilst ensuring access to the most cost effective final production methods.


Seals can also be moulded from bespoke Tooling, usually for higher volume repetition parts, or softer materials, see our Rubber Moulding Expertise for more information.


Large Seals such as Dock Gate elements are typically extruded and joined, see our Extrusion Expertise for more information.


We employ dedicated skilled finishers to ensure that your product is not only manufactured, but also trimmed, finished and packed to the excellence that we maintain throughout our manufacturing cells, meaning that there is a level of craftsmanship akin to the quality level you would expect. We also offer a dedicated Kitting service for our own MR Seal Kit products range, or bespoke customer specified kits to be supplied complete and finished to production stores. From this section of our web site you can access details on our general Products, our Industries served and detailed technical information on the specific Rubber Seals we produce. Please follow the links for further information.