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Rubber Gaskets

A complete range of punched, cut, extruded, sheet and fabricated rubber gaskets.

Rubber Gaskets


Martin’s Rubber is one of the UK’s highly trusted manufacturers of rubber gaskets. We stock a wide range of rubber gasket materials including high temperature, sponge and solid rubber gasket sheeting. We can manufacture one-off custom gaskets for high-end solutions, as well as large quantities of standard rubber gaskets, and can offer quick turn-around times for projects whereby time is of the essence.





What are rubber gaskets?

A rubber gasket is a type of mechanical seal that is used to prevent leaks between distinct substrate sections. As an expert gasket supplier, rubber gaskets and shims are one of our core products, as we stock all gasket sheet materials and have the facility to manufacture custom parts as well as standard patterns, such as ANSI/ASME and the European DIN pipe flanges.

How are rubber gaskets made?

As a well-established gasket manufacturer, we carry gasket sheet materials in stock, ready to cut or punch gaskets either using hydraulic cutting presses or by hand fabrication. As we have a wide range of standard cutters, for items such as washers or pipe flange gaskets to BS EN 12560, we are a gasket supplier that can provide most standard parts in volume on a quick lead-time.

We can manufacture rubber gaskets to any dimensions and in any shape, from many types of rubber. Whether you are after a standard product, or something more bespoke, simply give us a call so that we can give you a quotation.

What kinds of gaskets can you supply?

Our range of rubber gaskets include:

  • Commercial Rubber Gaskets
  • Cork Gaskets
  • Non-asbestos Gaskets (CNA)
  • Gylon® Gaskets
  • Insertion Rubber Gaskets
  • Neoprene Sponge Gaskets
  • Neoprene Rubber Gaskets
  • Nitrile Rubber Gaskets
  • Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Silicone Sponge Gaskets
  • EPDM Sponge Gaskets
  • EPDM Rubber Gaskets
  • Viton® Rubber Gaskets
  • High-temperature Gaskets
  • MULTI-SWELL™ Gaskets
  • Inorganic Fibre Gaskets (IFG®)

As a specialist gasket manufacturer, we can supply rubber gaskets to order or to a schedule if required, and can make up kits of parts for spares. We also manufacture bespoke rule forme cutters for standard and custom gaskets of special dimensions for which we don’t already have a cutter, and are able to manufacture or source special materials for specific applications. We are a gasket supplier that can fabricate extremely large gaskets for products such as tank seals, bunker lids, containers and enclosures, and have been doing so for a range of customers for many years.

For advice on rubber gasket material selection or on which rubber gasket might be suitable for your project, please contact our technical team by calling us on023 8022 6330, or simply email us.

Gasket sheet materials

Manufacturing, stockholding and fabrication facilities enable us to supply both bespoke and standard rubber gaskets, whilst maintaining sufficient capacity and expertise to offer very short lead times where the customer requires exceptional service. Rubber gaskets and shims are available in all the common polymers, in a range of gasket sheet materials, from very soft foam to rigid engineering plastics, in self-adhesive or plain finishes, and with specialist grades which provide properties such as high wear, high temperature or extreme weather resistance. At Monomer, we are gasket manufacturers that stock a full range of gasket sheet materials that can be converted into finished parts very rapidly.

Gasket sheet materials include:

  • Cork
  • Non-asbestos
  • Fibre
  • EMI/RFI shielded
  • Insertion
  • Paper materials

Contact Martin’s Rubber about rubber gaskets today

Custom GasketsIn conjunction with our rubber moulding facilities, we are gasket manufacturers that can manufacture special sheeting grades to provide a bespoke material solution for custom gaskets, should it be required. Our rubber gaskets are the ideal solution for a range of applications. If you would like to discuss your requirements in further detail, our technical staff is at hand and can help find the right solution to meet your needs. Please call us on 023 8022 6330, or simply email us and a member of our technical team will be more than happy to assist.  


Please follow the links to access details on our gasket manufacturer expertise, detailed technical specifications, and more detail on the various processes and techniques available for the production of standard and custom rubber gaskets. If you are responsible for specifying or purchasing rubber gaskets, flooring, expanded or jointing materials in sheet or gasket form, please request a Materials Sample Guide Sheet to be sent out to you as a handy material reference guide.

For more information on our range of rubber and custom gaskets, please download our helpful factsheets:

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