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Viton® Rubber Gaskets

As rubber specialists, at Martin’s Rubber, we supply a wide variety of punched, cut, extruded, sheet and fabricated Viton® rubber gaskets.

What is a Viton® (FKM) gasket?

Viton Rubber GasketsA Viton® rubber gasket is a mechanical seal which fills a void between two or more surfaces in order to prevent any leaks. Viton® gaskets, or FKM gaskets, have an excellent resistance to a combination of heat and oil and therefore hot greases that can be found in engines and compressors. In fact, Viton® flange gaskets have such an exceptionally good resistance, that they maintain functionality at temperatures that may be detrimental to other non-fluorinated elastomers. Further to this, FKM gaskets have an excellent resistance to various concentrated acids.

Viton® flange gasket properties

Viton® flange gaskets are constructed from a high performance synthetic rubber material with exceptional properties. FKM gaskets work particularly well in environments dealing with aggressive media, such as chemicals and fuels. Viton® gaskets are manufactured using a highly resilient and flexible material and are able to operate at extremely high and low temperatures of -10°C to +120°C.

For further information about the properties of Viton® rubber gaskets, please read through our Viton® rubber gasket material specification (data sheet).

What are Viton® gaskets used for?

Viton® rubber gaskets, or Fluorel / FKM gaskets, are recommended for use in applications with fuels, hydrocarbons and some acids, as well as silicone fluids and greases. However, Viton® gaskets would not be suitable for use with ketones, amines, and hot hydrofluoric or chlorosulfonic acids, in which case we may recommend you opt for a gasket in an alternative material, like solid rubber EPDM.

Purchasing Viton® gaskets from Martin’s Rubber

At Martin’s Rubber, thanks to our tried and tested manufacturing techniques, we are confident that you can rely on us to deliver your Viton® rubber gaskets on time, within budget and precisely to your project requirements. For additional information or advice on finding the right gasket for your needs, simply talk to one of our technical experts on 023 8022 6330, or email us.

Availability of FKM gaskets

  • Viton® rubber gaskets operating temperature: -10 to +120°C
  • Shore hardness of Viton® gaskets: 60° ± 10°
  • FKM gasket colour: Black
  • Thicknesses of Viton® flange gaskets (stocked): 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
  • Thicknesses of Viton® flange gaskets (non-stock): 0.7mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

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