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Moulds, Cutters, Jigs and Fixtures. Martin’s Rubber has been manufacturing tools in-house since the 1940s.


This allows us to produce rubber mouldings, rubber gaskets and vulcanised joints in rubber extrusions, as well as rule forme cutters, jigs and fixtures for associated production processes. This tooling expertise has always been seen as a major asset by our customers, who value our problem-solving skills as rubber manufacturers.

We can design and execute a production solution completely in-house – a rare capability in the modern, globalised world.

In recent years, our expertise has progressed markedly, driven by the needs of customers in leading-edge sectors such as aerospace and Formula 1 motorsport. Such customers demand the ability to import and work from 3D models, in order to execute complex geometry rapidly. But, as well as being skilled in the latest CAD/CAM practices, our staff are qualified, highly experienced toolmakers who are well versed in traditional problem-solving.

We specialise in working to very short lead times, where the customer requires exceptional service. Meanwhile, by means of careful planning and control, we also produce tooling to more conventional delivery schedules. Martin’s Rubber takes responsibility for ensuring that the parts produced by our tooling meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We are, however, equally happy to work with tooling supplied by the customer – subject to making any modifications required to suit our production equipment. We will also advise on any further work required to ensure that parts manufactured from such tooling meets the customer’s needs.

Please follow the links to access details on our tooling expertise, detailed technical specifications, and more detail on the various process / techniques available for the production of rubber mouldings.


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