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Chevron Packing Seals

Chevron Packing Seals

As experienced chevron packing manufacturers, at Martin’s Rubber, we manufacture and supply chevron seals in all sizes, of all types and materials, including PTFE chevron packing.

What is a chevron seal?

Chevron packing seals, or chevron packs, are a standard rubber or engineering plastic product that comprises of rings of multiple lip seals that have been stacked vertically between reinforced header and base rings. They are given the name chevron seals, or chevron v packing, because the cross section of the chevron packing seals reveals a row of “vee” shapes – or “chevron” pattern.

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How do chevron seals work?

Chevron packing seals are used to contain pressure put on a piston or shaft when linear or rotary motion is applied, sealing without leakage. When compressed, the chevron seals nestle together with the base and header rings, providing energisation. Each chevron v packing ring behaves independently, enabling it to react even to the most imperceptible of pressure changes to create an exceptional seal.

Chevron seal design

Chevron v packing materials

The separate elements of a chevron seal’s design can be constructed of different materials to provide a wide range of chemical resistance, as applicable. For example, some chevron v packing seals can operate under extremely high temperatures while other chevron packing seals are more suited to fluids and steam. This is due to the actual chevron seal design and the materials from which it is constructed. With PTFE chevron packing, you can benefit from high-temperature resistance and can be sure that the PTFE chevron packing will also remain stable under compressive loads.

Chevron packing seal applications

Martin’s Rubber has long been a trusted supplier of sealing solutions for use in a variety of sectors. Chevron packing seals are commonly used in medium and heavy-duty mechanical applications, within the construction, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, amongst others. Regardless of their use, Chevron v packings are renowned for their hardwearing properties.

Chevron seal sizes and styles

These CNC lathe cut chevron seals come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to suit almost any application. However, it is worth considering what pressure is expected or the amount of friction loss that will be acceptable prior to ordering your chevron v packing.

View some of our standard chevron packing seal profiles below:

Chevron packing seals






Rod Chevron Seal Pack

Rod Chevron Seal pack






Rod Chevron Seal Pack

Piston chevron pack seal






Piston Chevron Pack Seals

Chevron seals for sale at Martin’s Rubber

Our experienced team is on hand to discuss your chevron seal requirements. For more information on our range of chevron v packing or PTFE chevron packing, feel free to send us your questions using the ‘ask an expert’ contact form or contact us to discuss your specific requirements so that we may advise on the best chevron packing seal solution for your needs. Alternatively, simply call us on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330.

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